Wide and wild is the African coastline with its untouched long sandy beach stretches and therefore it is the ideal spot for people who prefer remoteness and a maximum of privacy.


Getting there is another adventure, although it is very close to Dar es Salaam and just 40 kilometers Norh of Bagamoyo. This means the area measures the shortest distance to Zanzibar what also explains the only, but therefore full coverage of Zantel, Zanzibars cellphone provider, in the remote area.



A small path leads you from the neighbouring village directly to the ocean frontage.


Located on a penisular the access to the property is going via a creek. The 4 meter long bridge deserves definitively a major refurbishment in order to guarantee a direct car access to the beach.

Here we are: 80 meter are running along the creek and behind on the right hand side the evergreen indigenous coastal vegetation begins.


The creek disembogues  in front of "African beach" directly in to the Indian Ocean. At high tide the seawater covers everything and the sea comes up the edge of the property.


Northwards as well as Southwards is the ideal terrain for long-distance-walker who prefer to meet nobody on their strolls.

Full sandy is the sea bottom as well as the beach and therefore are barefeet frinds are most welcome. The picture taken at low tide shows the frontline of the property which area is marked by the red bars.


On the topographical map the stunning location of "African beach" and the Peninsular location can be recognized well.   

Small dunes reinforced by short local palms and bushes are protecting the frontlline while they are not hindering the full sea view and sea breeze of  the 80 meter frontage of the property.



About 40 kilometers Northeast from Zanzibar Stone Town

Plot size

2 acre


100 meters

Beach front

80 meters


Plenty of indigenous plants and palms


Survey in process




Foreign investors

Special Features

Peaceful and remote location

Distance to tarmac road

45 kilometer

Distance to next settlement

300 meters 

Distance to shopping facilities

400 meters


price is on request


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317