Come and refresh yourself in the warming morning sun of this fully sandy property which has always sufficient water in front for swimming as well as boating!

In the western part of the property the land is higher and due to the width of 100 meters also broader. This area is equipped with two small houses for the workers as well as with a great view to the sea plus it is also the best location to watch the sunset.


An endlessly wideness offers this long sandy beach stretch which is the paradise for every lonely beach walker - don't get lost!


Upstairs is a wide plain area for bigger constructions. In the opposite direction you have a fantastic view down the slope towards the breaking waves of the Indian Ocean.


On the slopes of the coastal hill, which southern stretch is almost 200 meters long, lots of indigenous palms are growing  and decorating the landscape of this unique property.

Northwards the view is as spectacular as in all other directions, although the rocky cliffs are not that far away. The full sandy sea bottom allows swimming and beach walking without any limits! Not to be forgotten are the adventurous reef and wreck diving as well as snorkelling facilities along the shore!

Down at the beach area, placed behind the surrounding mash wire fence of the property border, is a big open beach hut constructed.


Let it be low or high tide - the broad sandy beach stretch always offers plenty of space for all beach sport activities.


Have you played beach volley ball? Here is the ideal place for it! Always dry and covered with white coral sand.

Viewed from the southern side of the property, all beach professionals understand at once the great commercial opportunity this frontage space offers.

With a beach frontage of 71 meters and a slope of almost 200 meters falling down to the ocean, your sea view knows no limits north-, east- and southwards. Due to the slope the 3,5 acre of the plot appear like 8 acre.

Just a half an hour drive from the ferry and you reach this wonderful beach area  South of Dar es Salaam

Ready to test it?


About 30 kilometers

Plot size

3,5 acre

Property Type



196 and 148 meters

Beach front

71 meters while 100 meters in the interior


Plenty of indigenous palms, trees and shrubs


Title deed


1 main house with 4 bedrooms and a coral stone wall surrounding the plot


Foreign investors

Special Features

A sweet water well

Distance to tarmac road

1 kilometer

Distance to next settlement

150 meter

Distance to shopping facilities

1 kilometer


Price is on request


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317