Designed in the leisure Moroccane desert style for comfortable resting hours the compound is consisting out of four buildings, staff quarter, store,  main and guest house. Lots of  cool and relaxing niches are inviting the visitor  to linger longer. Certainly a secure opportunity to let parts of the property commercially. This displayed building is not the main house, it is just the two bedroom guest house with its own kitchen facility.



As shown from the aerial view, Dar es Salaam is divided by the port entry. The Southern part called Kigamboni is the rural part of town which is famous for its unspoiled beaches. Only 12 kilometers or a 10 minutes car drive from the ferry, you reach the lush green enviroment of "Boma dar".


Indiginous shrubs and palms are protecting the villa against the salty sea spray. The picture was taken from the sandy beach towards the property. The new owner who will purchase this unique dream beach home can decide to remove or to maintain this wild bushy vegetation between the property and the high water mark level.

Although the beach front line is protected and overshaded by old casuarina trees, the beach visitor better rest iin the beach hut during the daytime due to the stong sun.

South of Dar es Salaam the water surface current of the Indian Ocean is going Northwards and due to the lack of pollution in the South the water remains crystal clear.


Non-stop swimming facilities, preceeding islands and reefs are furnishing this property with the best beach features. You can even go barefeet along the beach  to Dar es Salaam, but do not forget your sun hat.


Bordered with lots of coconut palms the official entrance of the property is leading from the interior into the compound. Please check the building map for further details. By the way "Boma dar" consist out of 4 plots and the one left to the entrance offers still almost 2000mē of vacant land for construction.

On top of this website is the frontage of the guest house displayed, here now the back side of it. To the left the two bedroom which are sharing one bathroom inbetween. In the middle the open sitting are and the kitchen to the right side.

Flat natural stones from Tanga are covering the open corridor of the guest house which also serves as a sitting room. In front the door to the kitchen and in the back, but here not visible, the entrance to the sleeping wing.


Well ventilated and equipped with all amenities is the small kitchen of the guest house.


Lots of carved Swahili elements like bord, frames, doors and windows are decorating the guest as well as main house in a cool-decent coastal Style.

Every bed is equipped with mosquito nets even the smallest bed lacks no protection.


High ceilings and  no glass in the windows are guaranteeing a maximum of sea breeze ventilation.

Clean and simple is the bath room of the guest wind designed to serve all demands of the guests.

Just after walking 30 meters along the paved natural stone path from the guest wing, you come to the man house with its two characteristic white towers.

The L-shaped veranda is spacious enough to accommodate larger groups. All pointed archs of the mansion are protected by iron bars, mosquito nets and louver shutters. Needless to say that all inches, handels, outside taps and even screws are made out of pure brass.


Many built in sitting facilities can be found around, in and on top of the house. Nowadays it should be not taken for granted anymore that most of the major exposed wooden parts are made out of hard wood.

Pointed archs and lots of other Arabic elements are giving the villa a cozy oriental flair.


Very pratical and best organized is the hard wood kitchen with lots of storage facilities.

Keen to get to know of it? Contact the MyBeach team. Here everybody can feel easily at home.


Quality becomes visible in particular in the bathrooms - come to experience it yourself!


2 staircases are leading to the upper part of "Boma dar". This one goes via the Studio directly into the upper master bedroom. Above the bed is another ventilation window towards the closet under the staircase.

Dark and durable hard wood was used again to build the staircases of the two towers.


Certainly the upper master bedroom is the room with the biggest seabreeze ventilation as well as the greatest sea view. Here as well as in most other parts of the house, the hard red screed was used in order to prevent unnesscessary maintenance and to warrant a long durability.


Ready for a taking a bath? In  moon- or sunshine this will be an unforgotten experience and being the new owner, you can repeat it on daily basis.


12 kilometers Southeast of Dar es Salaam. When you have once crossed by the ferry, you can make it in only 10 minutes car drive along the tarmac road to reach the boma..

Placed in a decent neighbourhood and surrounded by a lush vegetation the property offers an high privacy together with a brilliant infrastructure access.


Building plan with square meters and percentage of coverage as well as the exact location of the buildings on the four plots can be seen - just click to enlarge!


Waterproof tiled with imported terra cotta tiles, the rooftop inbetween the two towers is not only the sunniest, but also one of the most interesting and entertaining parts of the mansion.

The other almost similiar appearing tower on the opposite site of the rooftop offers instead of a bath tab benches and a counter.



About 12 kilometers Southeast of Dar es Salaam, on the Kigamboni side of town

Plot size


Property Type

Residential property


96 meters

Beach front

80 meters


Tremendous variety of different tropical flowers, trees, shrubs and palms


Double storey main house with about 300mē, fully self contained and independant guest house with 68mē, staff quarters 78mē, store 48mē and fully fenced.


Foreign investors

Special Features

Best finishing of high class material in a brand new state, fully equipped and furnished with well trained stuff - ready to move in right now!

Distance to tarmac road

1 kilometer

Distance to next settlement

100 meters 

Distance to shopping facilities

1 kilometer


price is on request


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317