Welcome to wellness, relaxation and a good revenue! Owner and architect knew very well to use this beach plot to a maximum in order to guarantee a pleasant stay for the guest and a prosperous business.

Just after entering the gate you find on the right the SPA and gym section of the hotel, straight ahead the manager house and to the left which is not displayed on this photograph, the reception area.


From the opposite of the entrance this picture was taken and therefore the gate is at the end of the gravel road.


Lots of space and of course sufficient privacy offer the 3-bedroom house of the manager.

In the North as well as in the South are 2 rows of palm thatches roofed double storey houses standing in West-East direction with 2 swimming pools in the middle.

Here are you waiting for the SPA while you are already through with you exercise in the gym which is also located under the same roof.

Right side from the spacious dining facilities is the buffet and in the back you can get through to the bar as well as to the boutique.





Much bigger events are taking place in the open hall which is located between pool and dining hall.

The beach is yours! The hotel staff is ready to animate you to a lot of different beach and water activities - it never gets boring!

Before getting to the beach, the hotel guests are most welcome to take a refreshment at the beach bar.


Come, see and lay down. Everything is made for a maximum of enjoyment and relaxation plus the well trained stuff knows very well to take care of the guests needs - 70 people are working for the guests all around the clock!

On the way back from the beach the constellation of the buildings can be recognized best.

Good water quality and the best weather in Zanzibar are guaranteeing maximum of fun and recreation for your guests.


Under the balcony of the Swahili coastal accommodations the visitor can take a cool break.


Nothing remains cooler than your air-conditioned room. From the 37 rooms, 34 rooms have three beds and 3 rooms can accommodate 4 people.


Each and everything is kept in the coastal Swahili style as well as the ceiling of the lounge of the suite with its black painted ceiling locks.

Play squash in the bathroom - the space is big enough!

Dozing around the pool! Others go on excursion while one group is hanging around on the beach, but the more relaxed ones are keeping an eye on one of the 2 pools.


2,5 acres are intensivly used in order to accommodate even more than 80 guests with most  privacy and quality.

Under all circumstances it will not take more than one hour car drive from the international airport from Zanzibar town to reach "Club wellfare". From the Dar es Salaam mainland you reach Zanzibar in 20 minutes flight or 90 minutes by Speed Boat.

Very good the compound can be viewed from the first floor of one of the back buildings. We are looking forward to undertake a site visit, after we have answered you all your additional questions. Karibu!


East coast of Zanzibar which can be reached after one hour drive from Stonetown

Plot size

2,5 acre

Property Type

Lodge property with title deed


134 meters

Beach front

60 meters


An excellent first class maintained garden with its own well


Zanzibar Investment Promotion Agency Certificate, lease


1 Reception building with bar and boutique, 1 restaurant, 2 beach bars, 37 rooms, a big manager house and servant quarters; a SPA with gym, generator house and 2 swimming pools. Compete kitchen with pastry, buthery, coolroom, 3 stores and laundry. Power line with its own transformer is secured by 3 generators with 124, 80 and 27 KVA.


Government and locals

Special Features

100% occupancy!

Distance to tarmac road

100 meters

Distance to next settlement

100 meters

Distance to shopping facilities

1 kilometer


The price is on request!


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317