North view and sandy parts

On the Tanzanian coast are not many places having a flair like "Coast land". The place is more than 30 meters above the sea level and offers a gorgeous view on the whole neighboring coastline. If not diving, fishing, or para-gliding, you can even do surfing, water skiing or other sports because almost each and every water sport discipline is possible here. Most important remains still the cool price for this huge chunk of ocean frontage, because housing in Dar es Salaam is expensive while the population doubles every 8 years.

Picture displays the Northwest corner point where the entrance road leads into the property - see the red x on the satellite image at the bottom of this website.

Baobab corner tree

Mystic video Here as a video what is hidden behind the above pictured old Baobab tree. Be surprised by the natural features!

great plains

Parts along the South border are already cleared and therefore ready for construction, gardening or even farming.

coral stones Cubic meters and tons of natural shaped coral stones have been collected on the property and are now used as markers along. The local craftsmen know how to pitch and build with this stones in a very decorative way. Hence you save plaster and painting later one. Ask MyBeach for samples and skilled workers.

sandy low tide

Great 360º video of the Northern sandy parts of the property. As soon as the tide goes out, this area becomes an huge playground for all ages.

Satellite and aerial mages are giving the proof, there is still a lot of forest and dense bush existing on this huge property. Automatically while entering the shady areas of vegetation, the climate becomes cool and refreshing - welcome to check it out!

thick bushy vegetion

till Cape Kimbiji

What a great view with lots of big opportunities. Compare this picture taken from the plane with the satellite image at the bottom of the webpage in order to see, where the borderlines are running.

topographical map

South of Ras Kutani comes the village Kimbiji. From there about 4,5 kilometers South, on a well maintained gravel road, a 1,2 kilometers entrance road leads to the property. Northwards a few holiday and weekend residences of Europeans are hidden and further to the South a Tanzanian investor brought up an interesting complex. Click and learn more about the location and neighbourhood via satellite.

North to South

Seen from the Northern sandy part of the property down at the sea. The tide is coming in and the water will wash the beach and takes off all particles of dirt.

7 minutes takes this walk on this video taken by the action camcorder along this very long stretch of 400 meter sea front. Do you recognize the opportunities?

all along the coast - video

satellite picture

As displayed, the property is that huge that you can easily get lost in it! The blue line marks the GPS-track while surrounding the property along the cleared borderline.


About 42 kilometers south of the ferry, 6 kilometers south of Kimbiji and only 1,5 kilometers from the main road - click for map

Plot size

18 acre

Property Type

tourism & residential

Length 185 meter
Beachfront 394 meter
Vegetation Banana plants, baobab trees, palms and local bush 
Documents/Permits 3 new title deeds
Buildings No buildings existing yet
Neighbours Local and foreign
Kind of waterfront Cliffs 30 plus meter above sea level and sandy sea bottom at low tide
Special Features Fantastic view, caves, sweet water well at the slope and lots of coral stones for construction
Distance to tarmac road 20 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 200 meters 
Distance to shopping facilities 2 kilometers to local shops
Price The price is on request!




P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

DIRECT 002 55 784 328 328