Just a very few locations on the Spice Island have a sandy beach from which you can join the sunset. Along this 274 meter sandy beach every skipper will find a save anchorage place for his or her boat.

Placed directly in front on the high water mark, at the ridge of the palms, every visitor feels directly exposed and part of the untouched natural surroundings.

Viewed from the North southwards: Just behind the neighboring cape the Coco ridge begins. Very good starting point for all different kind of maritime excursions. Even by foot and in particular at low tide you can walk for hours in and around a magnificient and unspoiled neighbourhood.

At the South end of the sandy beach stretch a creek runs into the mangrove forest. This is not only the home of delicious crabs and prawns, the mangroves are the guarantee for purified water.

Nestled well in the shelter of the bay. The whole area promises exciting day tours by boat, car as well as by foot along the beach, in the evergreen mangroves or even in Zanzibar's last primary forest.


Five of this beach cottages are already existing and 15 more are planned. Check out the project plan and the house drawing below!


High tide: The Indian Ocean is touching almost the chalets! From the fully exposed accommodations you can almost jump directly into the water. This is more than only  sea view - here you are living with the water!


Located only a few meters off the ocean; in particular on the veranda of the chalet you will have 100% recreation.


Beach life as it is - wild, beauty and completely natural. Come and develop it! The view across the bay with its in and out coming fisher boats and the opposite shore across is always spectacular to look at. The full sandy sea bottom offers fun in the sea for all ages.

When entering the beach cottage via the veranda you step directly into the living room area. Around the corner comes the more spacious bedroom

Imported material was used as well in the bathroom. By the way via the project the investor is allowed to import all relevant materials, vehicles, etc. tax free without any duty.

Own it! You know better what to do! Will it be for yourself, for your family, for you guest or just for an investment in order to get money out of it - be part of the boom which Zanzibar gets now.

Diverse architectural drawings are not displayed here. If required we will provide with plans for the reception, the restaurant, the swimming pool and its changing house.


Good shape! 274 meters beach frontage and only 48 meters along the South border line or 106 meters in the North towards the hinterland. Certainly ideal sizes to offer all your guests to have direct sea view. 



20 bungalows (B) surrounded by the garden (G) and guarded by the security guard (SG) at the reception building (RECEP) behind the car park (CP).  Sport activities at the swimming pool (SWP) after entering the changing room (CR), as well at the tennis court and in and around the swimming (SE) and diving equipment facilities (DE). The staff who is sleeping in the staff dormitory (STD) dries the laundry (LD) at the drying area (DA), repairs in the workshop (WS) while they take care of the electricity house (EH) and serve the restaurant (REST) in the middle of the beach stretch. A complete hotel project site plan! Welcome to bring your own ideas inside!


50 kilometers from Zanzibar town

Plot size

5 acres

Property Type

Beach hotel property

Length 106 meters
Beachfront 274 meters
Vegetation Coconut palms, casuarinas and different kinds of rare mangrove trees in the back
Documents Lease agreement, ZIPA building permit, ZIPA investment certificate, certificate of incorporation
Buildings Surrounding wall, 5 chalets, 3 sweet water wells and much more under construction
Neighbours Expatriates
Kind of waterfront Full sandy beach
Special Features Running project with all license
Distance to tarmac road 1 kilometer (will be finished end of 2006)
Distance to next settlement 50 meters 
Distance to shopping facilities 500 meters
Price The price is on request!

P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

FAX 002 55 22 2701317