Above Dar es Salaam with an incredible view on the beaches plus the town, this property has a gorgeous flair. The road as well as electricity and water line is running just behind the polls on the right hand side of the picture. Due to its nice price the 3-room house is simple, but it can be extended or fitted to your fully convenience at any time.

It is located directly on a ridge which means you have 160 of far view  and from the back of the house above the road you have a full panorama view on the hilly hinterland. The red circle shows you the location from far away and its neighborhood.

Here is the house viewed from the middle of the valley towards the western direction. All pictures were taken during the dry season and therefore the vegetation appears dry. The urban water pipe is passing just behind the house and therefore irrigation is possible.

Eastwards down the slope in the wide valley. For sure due to its size and location a real quiet place full of privacy. On the horizon the beach of Mbezi and further South the city.

With 80 meters on the upper road side where also the house is situated, this part gives you the best view. To both sides the slope goes down more than 100 meters!


Always with 5 kilometers outlook on the beach and the ocean with a asteady sea breeze this plot is well conditioned. After 2,3 kilometers you reach the Bagamoyo Road from where it is about 12 kilometers to the city center.


This picture was taken from the South border of the plot. It shows the ridge and the whole valley of the property. On the ridge is the road running going down the Bagamoyo Road.


Mbezi Goba, Dar es Salaam - 12 kilometers to the city center

Property size

2,5 acres

Property Type

Residential  property 

Vegetation  Citrus, mango and cashew trees
Documents/Permits Title deed 66 years!
Buildings 3 bedroom house
Neighbour Located between locals and expatriates
Special Features A mountain view on the coast in Dar es Salaam
Distance to tarmac road 2,3 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 60 meters
Distance to shopping facilities 0,3 kilometers
Price Price on request


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

FAX 002 55 22 2701317