Definitively this is not only the finest sand between Lindi and Dar es Salaam it is also the only location where the tarmac road meets the Indian Ocean. Therefore it is the absolutely best prime spot to bring up a beach business and to catch the customers directly from the road. May the business be of hospitality, maritime or trading nature, you will definitively fully participate in the booming economy of the upcoming Southern coast region. Just drive in to it!

seen from the sea
5 mature, huge Baobab trees are increasing the magic spell of the property.



What is a burnt on the satellite pic at the bottom of this page, is the green grass land of the interior of the beach plot. To the left the clean borderline of the Northern end of this parcel of land.



down the road a piece 
Beach means business and road means customers! The road frontage stretches from the ride hand side of the Baobab tree more than 130 meters along the highway - sufficient parking lots!


Many mystic-magic resting places can be found in the cool shadow of the ancient Baobabs.



Tanzania map

Located directly in the heart of the gas-blessed South region of East Africa, it takes only 400 road kilometers to reach the "Drive-Inn beach" from Dar es Salaam. 30 kilometers or 20 minutes drive further South comes Lindi town which can be reached in 20 minutes.


Nestled along the unpopulated Southern side of the Mchinga Bay, where the road comes close to the ocean, this untouched spot is predestinated to profit from the sea in the East and from the tarmac in the West.

topographical map

.site plan

What you see is what you get, therefore the land you take care of starts from the high watermark level till the road reserve - 4 acre with a sandy beach frontage of 130 meters!

satellite picture Mchinga Bay 
Here to visualize the property: The satellite pic compared with the survey plan displays the borders as they are, real and much bigger.

morning view video

Click on it and see via video how to approach "Drive-Inn beach" from both sides as well as how to cross the property and to make a small beach drive in the neighborhood.



About 400 km Southwards of Dar es Salaam and less then 30km North of Lindi

Plot size

2 acres

Property Type

Commercial beach property


70 meters

Beach front

130 meters


5 Baobab trees, 2 coconut palms, indigenous shrubs and trees


Ttitle deed


Beach cottage under construction


Local and foreign investors

Special Features

Full sandy beach, direct tarmac road access & electricity line

Distance to tarmac road

15 meters

Distance to next settlement

1 kilometers 

Distance to shopping facilities

1,5 kilometers


Price on request!