This aerial picture taken at low tide displays the full sandy sea bottom well. Most of the sediments came out of the estuary. The river marks the borderline towards the Sadaani National Park in the South.

Along a stretch of 881 meters the property runs along the well-maintained Sadaani-Pangani Road. Here to the right hand side "Game park" and after 8 kilometers follows the first village Northwards and down South a post of the park rangers follows after approx. 3 kilometers. At  the right side of the road an agreement has been made that the owner is permitted to clear a runway for getting the guest more comfortable  in and out.

Lots of excrements of more than 30 mammal species can be found in the dry season while walking in the creek, the South border which is the Northern border of the National Park. In particular the high elephant population of the small park brought a lot of destruction to the vegetation of this part of the country.

Predators as well as monkeys and a number of ungulates are taking the easy creek way to get to the beach.
Better rest during the day time in the shadow of the coastal trees enjoying the view and refreshing  sea breeze before going on a walking bush or beach safari.


Apart from the animals you will certainly find no footprints along the beach. Certainly "Game park" is not only the biggest beach property we have to offer, it is also the most untouched beach.

700 meters for your and your guests full recreation. After a dusty game drive in the bush, the wide sandy beach offers certainly the best relaxation.

Here the Southern end of the beach. Trips to the nearby Zanzibar as well as snorkelling and fishing tours can be organized beside extensive game drives.

Directly located in the triangle of Tanga, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar the property is well accessible from all sides. The Sadaani Park is just 110 kilometer North of Dar es Salaam and after 60 kilometer cruising  through the National Park, you reach "Game park".

Easy beach access is given along the 750 meter North borderline while the Southern Parts of the 40 hectare property remain more untouched due to the less access of the meander and mangroves.


On the other side of the road, but here not visible, the owner organized sufficient land for an airstrip. Keep in mind, by car Dar es Salaam as well as Tanga is still 3 highly interesting hours away. As it can be seen here, all land between road and ocean as well as river and the tall casuarina trees on the beach belongs to the property. Interested?



Adjacent to the Northern Sadaani National Park Border - about 170 km  North of Dar es Salaam

Plot size

100 acre

Property Type

Plot for hotel use

Length 750 meters and 377 in the South
Beachfront 702 meters
Vegetation Plenty of indigenous trees, palms and different shrubs
Documents/Permits Surveyed
Buildings -
Neighbours National Park & investors
Kind of waterfront Sandy beach with an estuary, a few mangroves plus a sandbank
Special Features Bordering the Sadaani National Park - lots of game traffic!
Distance to tarmac road Approx. 40 to 60 kilometers
Distance to next settlement About 3 kilometers to the park rangers 
Distance to shopping facilities 8 kilometers to local shops
Price Price on request



P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

FAX 002 55 22 2701317