Directly nearby the second biggest Tanzanian town Arusha in the Northern circuit between the famous tourist destinations Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and the Ngorongoro-Crater, MyBeach offers you a unique investment opportunity: Kilimani Lodge!
Located in Arusha only a few hundred meters off the main road, but placed in a landscape resembling a National Park with a gorgeous surrounding view, the lodge is the ideal accommodation for tourists as well as for business men and politicians who are visiting Arusha International Conference facilities which are located nearby. With 22 rooms en suite, international as well as Thai & Indonesian cuisine, conference and party functions the lodge and it's well skilled staff has a lot to offer even regarding cultural events and nature-exploring trips.


Situated between hills and mountains and the exotic vegetation of the Kilimanjaro area of Tanzania this picture shows the full scenery of the lodge and it's neighbourhood. Surrounded and protected by the shade of mature trees, palms and lots of tropical plants this place gives every visitor the right ambience for getting full relaxation.


Wwith a direct view to Mt Meru, the three self-contained "treetops" dwellings constructed in a traditional design. 
Additionally there are 13 twin rooms for guests in  Backpacker's house within the grounds.




Divived by the road illustrated, on the right hand side the afore-mentioned rooms are perfect for guests requiring cheaper accommodation but still having the use of all facilities at the Lodge.  Top left - you can see the Main building of the lodge.



Eating can be done inside as well as outside. Dining areas are enclosed and open air, for maximum utilisation to suit the weather conditions - Here is the breakfast buffet......



For bigger events like birthdays, weddings or conferences the lodge is well suited. For private functions up to 140 people can be served and 80 persons can be comfortably accommodated for the purposes of workshop and seminars. Fast and even wireless internet facilities for you and your guests are waiting on the left hand side of this room. Being in the Northern circuit you do not have to miss anything - stay connected!




Not only for lunch and diner, even at night you can find high life around the bars of Kilimani. The well trained stuff of the lodge can serve you with all different drinks, non to alcoholic long drinks, snacks as well as full menus or la carte - with a variety of drinks and menus - indigenous, international and Thai/Indonesian specialities!



In the day time a coffee bar offers hotel guests as well as all other visitors a decent facility for meeting and resting in a comfortable atmosphere. It is also a place of multi-media due to internet facilities and 4 TV's.



Ten en-suite circular chalets and two rectangular cottages are constructed externally in a traditional manner, while inside you will have all the comforts of home!



Made out of 3 photographs this picture gives an impression on the variety of the different rooms which are available: Rustic, decent and well adapted to the mountain climate of the Kilimanjaro-Meru area.


Viewed from the balcony of the apartment of the plot number 5 where the backpacker house is located: Behind the backpacker house the balcony of the second floor plus the roof of the main house can be seen.



Bed and water, simplicity itself - this is what backpackers need. This is also why this new and clean accomodation is very reasonable priced. It is also a suitable place for overland trucks.



Toilets and bath of the backpacker house are as simple, clean and new as the rest of the whole building. They are located underneath the apartment of the building - just check out the next picture.



First floor shows the apartment of the backpacker with it's balcony and downstairs the doors towards the bathrooms of the backpacker rooms.



One bedroom with a nice view and a sitting room with an attached open kitchen plus an outside entrance which leads you direct to the road is what makes this apartment simple and very attractive. Come and find out!


Here the main house with it's well kept garden. The reception of the lodge is downstairs together with 5 rooms en suite, basement, kitchen as well as store room facilities and two furnished apartments (one in the first and the other in the second floor) are upstairs.




Second floor: The stair case ends directly in the flat from where a magnificant view is waiting for you.


Natural stones are decorating the floor of the bathrooms in the two apartments of the upper building.



Manager and his family are staying in 2 two-bedroom apartments which are located on the plot number 1. These houses are constructed in a similar manner to the guests accommodation, with the exception of the main building, made out of by natural stones and roofed with the popular palm leaf material called 'makuti'.


Viewed from the entrance gate of the lodge:  Reception (left), Restaurant (rear), and the three "TREETOPS" dwellings.


Tree-tops-cottages and round local chalets are on the 1156m sized plot number 2. On number 1, the small one next to it with 272m s the location of the manager's house.  Plot 3 consists of 1307m and the largest with 2206m is plot 4.  The most southern plot (5) is the Backpacker's building unit.  In total the compound amounts to 5355m.

Being directly in the center of Africa's tourism, Arusha is surrounded by the most interesting cultural, geographical and of course biological features of East Africa. International airports are in Nairobi (Kenya), Kilimanjaro and Dar es Salaam and  it has not to be forgotten that Arusha has an international airport.



Certainly the biggest attraction as well as a tremendous challenge the slopes of Arusha have to offer: Mount Meru! With 4565 meters it is the second highest summit of the country and due to it's steep slopes the peak is much more difficult to climb than the Kilimandjaro which is only 44 kilometers East. The last erruption of this volcano was in 1910 and you need not have any concerns!




In Tanzanias second biggest town Arusha, 800 meters of the main tarmac road

plot size

5355 m

Property Type

hotel property

Vegetation different indigenous trees
Documents/Permits Title deeds
Buildings Main building with five singles rooms and one apartment in the first and another two room apartment in the second floor. Three tree-tops-cottages, ten rondevals and two square cottages. Backpacker house with 12 rooms and 1 apartment.
Neighbour Located in between the banana plants on the slopes of Mount Meru. The neighbourhood is a mix of local as well as expatriates.
Special Features Excellent service with best food in the most interesting location Arusha can offer.
Distance to tarmac road 0,8 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 20 meters
Distance to shopping facilities 0,1 kilometers
Price Price on request



P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

FAX 002 55 22 2701317