long beach view

Long, wide, white and unspoilt is this stretch of Kilwa's best beach, hence the government has chosen it to be the ideal location for the whole Southern Coast region to be the first point for recreation for the workers of the lastest gas exploitations plants, LNG. Other plus points of the tip point of the Kilwa peninsula are the nearby world cultural heritage site as well as the famous unexhausted deep sea fishing fasicilities which will make the tourist visits unforgottable.

Already highly interesting is the sandy drive across the the property through pure and unspoilt coastal nature and finally along the white sandy beach stretch of 270 meters. Click on to this picture in order to view the u-shaped car drive video across the property and its marvellous sandy beach.

road video


untouched hinterland of the beach

Even from the road passing in the interior of this huge 14 acre sized property, the turqoise sandy ocean bottom shines through the coastal vegetation. This means sea view from everywhere!


coastal shrubs

Ideal is the constellattion of sea, topography and coastal vegetation to hide bar, restaurant and a couple of chalet in between, hence each visitors chalet keeps its privacy as well as direct sea view and breeze. Welcome to check it out!

Out there is plenty of gas hidden down in the Tanzanian sea bottom. It will make the country to be one of the world's largest gas exporters, develop the whole Southern coast region and it will help the people of the area tremendously in terms of employment and cheap energy prices.

clear water

gas reservoirs

The yellow arrow is indicating the location of Kilwa in between the huge potential gas blocks.  

Kilwa and surroundings map

Just a few hours or 300km drive South of Dar es Salaam and you enter the fishing paradise, the peninsular of Kilwa with its ancient ruins.

A good shape of a property with the long side along the Indian Ocean - 276 meters! site plan

satellite picture

Still the sandy beach track is running through the property, but it can be shifted around the property anytime. The Western parts of "Kilwa gas" has a much denser vegetation than the other sandy areas which  are located closser to the beach. Please ask us for more opportunities in this gas-blessed are of the Tanzanian mainland coast.


About 300 kilometers South of Dar es Salaam nearby Kilwa Masoko

Plot size

15 acres

Property Type

Hotel property

Length 220 meters
Beachfront 276 meters
Vegetation Plenty of cashew trees,  palms, flowers and indigenous trees
Documents/Permits Title deed
Buildings  -  
Neighbours Local and international investors
Kind of waterfront Full sandy sea frontage and sea bottom
Special Features Tranquility and wide beach view with the world cultural heritage site of Kilwa Kisiwani nearby
Distance to tarmac road 2 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 400 meters 
Distance to shopping facilities 3000 meters to local shops
Price Price on request


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

+255 (0) 784 328 328