dar es salaam


Location, location & location - this  is what it is all about. There is nothing comparable in Tanzania - please see youself!

nasa sat view

On the older NASA sat-picture the access from the outstanding cape towards the two beaches can be recognized well.


satpic with video link

View this old video for a stroll from the cottage on the right hand side along a few cottages and the reception towards the bar and restaurant which is here shown in the middle of the cape.

the cape

At the other side of the bay, this cape spot looks fantastic. Deep sea fishing tours can be done with the boat of the lodge to Tanzania's fishing paradise Latham. The this location it is the shortest distance to the atoll.

Welcome to step down to one of Kigamboni's most undisturbed sandy beaches. Feel free in this completely undisturbed as well as unspoiled environment of this eco-lodge.

Southern beach patch of the "Deep Sea fishing"

End of the step: a private sandy cove beach!. Mind that the property ends already after about 10 length meter from this point of view!

the cape of the property

Looking back from the sandy stretch the side view of the cape becomes fully visible. Along the sandy stretch of the other side of the bay MyBeach still has one huge chunk of sandy beach property to offer, but by far not with such a high privacy like "Lodge dar es salaam"!

Close to the ocean, just before reaching the restaurant area you pass the small souvenir shop which also includes the office and reception of the lodge.

reception, souvenir shop and office under one roof

bar and restaurant of the fishing lodge Paved with natural slate stones the bar and restaurant offers sufficient space in as well outside to serve many guests.

Bright and breezy are the working conditions in the kitchen.

the new practical kitchen

shady ocean frontage

An even cooler condition can be found below the mature trees of the property. The sandy footpath is leading to the accommodations of the lodge

the family house In the center of the property you come to the family accommodation of the lodge. This self-catering house with direct sea view consists out of 3 bedrooms, an huge living room area with an attached kitchen niche. The ideal family holiday home!

Rustic, natural and ecological built is the style of the rooms as well as of the whole lodge.

Cleanness is the highest priority of the land lady. The expat couple prefers to have no visitors than to accommodate bench drinkers, pack packers or other people who do not cope with their rules of the house.

Only selected and proven natural materials were used for the construction as well as for the decoration of the interior. Here the spacious master bedroom of the family house. It's bathroom is hidden behind the wall .

Designed in the same way, the 5 chalets of the compound, all have sufficient space in between each other in order not to disturb the privacy of each guest.

Sea view is a must for every chalet. The picture displays the accommodation along the South border, in front of the owner's villa.


Most of the vegetation of the property is indigenous to it's location and due to the fact that only very little has been trimmed, the place keeps its privacy as well as the ocean view.

Viewed from the sandy beach patch to the inland side: First the guest cottage and behind the double storey owners residence. As usual all accommodation with sea view.

Being part of Africa's fastest growing town, you will not lack customers. In more or less half 40 minutes  drive from the Kigamboni ferry or bridge you have reached lodge. Keep in mind that all visits are prior to booking only!

dar es salaam kimbiji map

2 plots on 2,5 acre with about 130 meter of sea front!

From the top of the owners villa, where actually the whole living area of this villa is located while the ground floor is used for storage, a non-stop sea breeze blows all through the house. Welcome to test it, but all visits are prior to appointments. Please inform us and do not test the owner's security system.


About 45 kilometers South of Dar es Salaam city center

Plot size

2.5 acre as well as a private cape!

Property Type

Hotel property


87 meters

Beach front

About 130 meters (cape location)


Plenty of different local palms, flowers and mature trees like Baobab, Mango and others


A camping place facility with toilets & washrooms, kitchen & bar with attached restaurant, small souvenir shop inclusive lodge office, workshop with attached shelter for the boats, water tower, servant quarters, 6 chalet, 1 family house with kitchen living room and 3 bedrooms and 1 double story villa with 2 bedroom for the owners.


Foreign investors

Special Features

An outstanding location with most privacy, very exposed to the ocean with safe anchorage nearby and a short distance to Tanzania most potential fishing grounds. Please note that almost half of  the lodge burnt and the propery is now totally discounted!

Distance to tarmac road

Approx. 10 kilometers left, the new construction of the tarmac road is approaching every day - Dar es Salaam Kigamboni bridge opening soon

Distance to next settlement

100 meters 

Distance to shopping facilities

500 meters


price is on request  - ask also for the low running cost of the lodge!