So far Long Beach is the most attractive beach which the team of MyBeach has visited. This is the unique opportunity  for tourism business on Tanzania's pure sandy beach nearby Dar es Salaam. With less than 28 kilometers from the city center the property can be reached in about 35 minutes drive from Kigamboni ferry point.


Full sandy beach, no dangerous rocks or annoying sea  grass - this place allows pleasure swimming 24 hours and 365 days a year. A clean and unspoiled beach with best water quality - having lots of fun in the waves. The ones who visited this beach are always coming back. 



View towards Ras Kutani in the bay where the top class "Amani" hotel is located. Before this the beachwalker who goes southwards comes to one of Tanzania's most exclusive hotels named as the cape: "Ras Kutani". Towards the rocky cape are excellent snorkelling and diving facilities. In front of Long Beach, just about 30 meters from the shore, lies an old German wreck from the colonial times. It's mast looks out of the water, so this point of attraction is even reachable by snorkelling. 



The picture was taken from the southern border point (sisal and fence). In the not visible backside of the plot it continues for 60 meters and towards the seaside the plain includes another 60 meters. Behind the edge of the plain (visible on this picture) a light slope is running smoothly to the sea. On the right side of the picture the property of "Ras Kutani", one of Tanzania's most exclusive hotels, starts.


Also at the northern border of the plot another road leads down to the water. At the slope the vegetation is not a thick coast bush. In between are many glades having very nice view on the ocean. Best resting places can be reached between many different kinds of palms and domestic trees.  



A watchman house has been already erected. Behind it lies a much bigger residential house which is as well as the other house semi-finished. The construction are located towards the northern border almost at the edge of the smooth slope overseeing sea and catching the sea breeze.



The northern neighbour, the famous "Horse Club" offers you and your guests one of the only Tanzanian coast opportunities, where you can ride a  horse along wide sandy beaches - feel free!



Behind the fence and along the right side of the road is the 145 meters western border of the plot. Following the road you will come directly to the northern neighbour - the huge area of  "Horse Club". 



The map shows the ideal location of the "Long Beach" property. Full sandy beach with not reef or corals in front. Southwards towards Ras Kutani where the reef starts are best snorkelling conditions. First you come to the same named hotel and than in the small bay in front of the cape starts the exclusive "Amani" Hotel resort. Going northwards the beach continues but the gap in the reef finishes soon. It is a pleasure to stroll and to discover this lonely unspoiled beaches. 



Going on a lonely beach walk further south (picture is looking northwards) the beachwalker will reach the individual first class hotel "Ras Kutani" soon. A little bit further comes the noble "Amani" hotel. So far this dream beach nearby Dar es Salaam has been only discovered by first class hotels. Therefore this lovely unspoiled beach lacks a medium class hotel in order to open it's paradise also for middle class tourist. Take this opportunity to start the right tourism business, in the ideal neighbourhood and certainly in the very best topography.



About 28 kilometers from town or 35 minutes drive from Kigamboni ferry point the plot is located at Amani near Gomvu village close to Ras Kutani - just between "Ras Kutani" hotel and the "Horse Club" in the north.

Plot size

More than 10 acres

Property Type

Best suited for hotel or any other tourism business

Length 299 meters
Beachfront 138  meters
Vegetation Palms, other domestic trees 
Documents/Permits Title deed and building permit
Buildings One watchman house a residential semit-finished house and a well in the middle of the property
Neighbours Northwards and westwards the "Horse Club" and going south the exclusive Hotel "Ras Kutani"
Kind of waterfront Long and wide sandy beach with no stones, rocks, corals or sea grass - all the time best for swimming
Special Features Best neighbourhood ideal for tourism purposes. Two airstrips in the direct neighbourhood. 
Distance to tarmac road 18 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 80 meters 
Distance to shopping facilities 1 kilometers to local shops
Price Price on request 



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