Mansion Bora


For sure a villa with the best finishing of the highest quality the MyBeach team has ever visited so far. This 4 bedroom mansion is brand-new and you might be the first tenant enjoying all it's advantages. The well kept garden is inviting for relaxation, barbeque parties and meetings whether on the green grass, on shady terrace or on the long stretched balcony. This up class house is made for people who appreciate high standard - last but not least  everything is available for a very affordable price.



Viewed from the high tower. To the right the gate is shown which leads direct to the car park for two cars. The first part of the long roof belongs to the garage and the second part of the roof to the servant quarters. The stairs in front of the servant quarter are leading up to the big balcony which can be of course reached from inside.



The water tower itself stores 4000 liters on top,  2000 in the middle and a 5000 liter tank is stored in the ground tank. At the feet of the tower is the generator room. The double garage has 2 separate entries. Beside the right entry is a store room after which the servant quarters are beginning. The space in front of the garage is big enough for turning and parking more than 2 cars.



In front is the 3 room servant quarter with separate toilet, bath and kitchen. Between the servant quarter and the garage is a store which is followed by the double garage. Behind the garage comes the water tower and then the fencing wall. This picture was shot from the stairs leading to the balcony.



On the upper floor is a second sitting room with windows in two directions and one door leading to the long stretched balcony. One end has option to be covered by a  sun shade and the other end is leading to one corner so that the balcony has a shape like a "L". 



Inside this mansion each and every room is tiled. The sitting room is divided into 3 units: library, dining room and sitting room. 2 of them having doors to the outside and enough windows for sufficient daylight and view over the garden. 



All elements of the modern kitchen cabinet are well fitted and will make cooking a real comfortable pleasure. It has 3 doors: 1 to entrance  door, 1 leading to the floor and another one to a spacious kitchen store.



There are 2 ways leading to the 3 units of the huge sitting room: Along the stairs or just left from the kitchen door through an extra door. Downstairs in the back of the point of view of the photografer is 1 self-contained room situated on the corner of the building and next to it is a spacious store.



The balustrade of the stairs is smooth wooden which makes pleasure to touch and upstairs you will find 3 self-contained bedrooms, guest toilet and the second sitting room.



All the bedrooms are self-contained with full wooden fitted wardrobes in excellent finishing. The quality of the materials can be recognized in the bathrooms, floor and wood work.



Tiles, toilet accessories and much more are all quality and were imported from abroad. Everything is new and was constructed with the best professional knowhow and supevision as it is shown e. g. on this photograph of the guest toilet.



Located in Mbezi Beach of Dar es Salaam the house can be reached from 2 tarmac roads: The New Jangwani Road or from Bagamoyo Road where a gravel road between Nakawale Road and Engen petrol station leads to this area. The city center is about 15 kilometers or less than half an hour drive away. What is good to know for parents is:- In a radius of only 3 kilometers are a couple of schools and kindergardens available. Take your time for a site visit of this marvellous villa - you will love it.



All windows have burglary bars and curtain rails. This corner bedroom has a beautiful view to the east and to  the balcony. To the left between the 2 fitted wardrobes is the entry to the bathroom.




P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam  / Tanzania

Cell  002 55 / 744 46 18 72 or 741 304 708

Tel 00255 / 22 / 270 17 10/1

Fax 002 55 22 2701317