Only 8 kilometer from the city center of Arusha you reach  Multfarm, which is located close to Tengeru and near lake Duluti. This huge piece of land offers you quitness, infrastructure, fulltime water availability, fertile land and marketing facilities. The farm is for sale on throwaway price. It can be for any kind of investments from dairy, horticulture, coffee, vegetable and fruits to hotel industry via sports, golf and other entertainment projects.


From the main road at Tengeru a well maintained gravel road leads to the farm. The photograph shows the main entrance, which watchman house can be seen through the trees.



The main farm buildings are constructed at the best location of the farm - the northern part. Here are living house, stores, office and garage located and even the best varity of plants and trees can be found in here.



Simple worker accomodaton are spread all over the farm. Only 20 are at the time used.



Cargo railway crossing the farm as seen. See details on the big siteplan! This means fast and cheap transport to Tanzania's population centers, sea ports or even to the nearby located international airport.





Over a couple of kilometers a river runs inside of the farm property and enables irrigation for all types of farming all through the year.



Directly in the triangle between Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Moshi the farm is placed at a stone-throw away from the Moshi-Arusha main tarmac road. With its location of only 8 kilometers from Arusha city center, the property has full infrastructure access and a very good market position for vegetable, flowers, fruits and other crops. The international airport of Kilimanjaro is only half an hour drive away!


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The the farm is divided in two or actually in 3 parts including the small appendix in the south-west side. The northern part is divided from the bigger main part by the railways. From the top north side all along the western border untill the southern border line a stream is running inside of the property. The slimmer northern part is much more hilly and it's altitude is a bit higher than the land in the south. Another road which leads to Arusha is going along the southern borderline. Therefore the farm is accessable from the north and south by car.





From the bottom of the of the neighbouring hill this photo was taken. In front of the big and dark trees the railway is crossing the farm from the left to the right. As it is shown on the sitemap,  the front left part of the picture with it's buildings is not belonging to the picture.





South of Moshi-Arusha main road and 8 kilometers eastwards of Arusha city 

Farm size

269 acres

Property Type

Farm  property 

Vegetation Coffee trees, orange trees, lemon trees, palms, baobab, guava, papaya, avocado, gravelia, banana and other old indigenous trees
Documents/Permits Title deed
Buildings Colonial country house of 5 bedroom, 20 houses for workers , office house, garage, coffee curing shed and cow shed
Neighbours In the northeast towards Moshi town is a coffee farm situated which is owned by an European, in the west and north is an horticulture farm run by an European company.Southeastwards are farms and residences of Europeans situated.
Special Features There is permanent river in the property, sweet water lake at the end of the farm and a railway crossing which facilitates transportation.
Distance to tarmac road 1.5 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 300 meters
Distance to shopping facilities 1.5 kilometers
Price Price on request whole or in parts.



P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

TEL /FAX 002 55 22 2701317