Due to the latest huge natural gas discoveries in the Southern coastal area of Tanzania this locations of Kilwa is designated for tourism has fully come under focus, because the massive investment along the coastline comes together with thousands of foreign workers who need to eat, sleep and to relax. Consequently due to the very cheap energy prices the gas exploitation will be followed by light to heavy industry. "NEW life" is the opportunity to purchase a big chunk of ocean front within the area which catches the biggest international investment of the country in order to make Tanzania one of the biggest Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) exporter

Click here this palm picture in order to get the best view on the 13 acre with its almost 300 coconut trees. The surrounding view-video is taken from the tower of the lodge.

From the settlement, the small town Kilwa Masoko onwards a sandy track goes for less than 5 kilometers to the property, crosses the compound and leads on the other side back to Kilwa. Have a look at the satellite picture at the bottom to visualize how the road runs.


Entering from the Southwest entrance the first construction are the lavatories for the camp site. All constructions are build with lots of historical elements as windows, arcs and battlements show!

Overland trucks and individual travellers find a shady stay with lots of sea breeze under the palm thatched roofs for a low price.

More basic luxury can be joined in one of the 4 chalets. Click on the chalet picture and look a the interior video.


Coming out of the cottage you can view the ocean shining through under the gree coconut palms leaves. Come on and take the stroll from the chalet via the compound to the beach and get to know what it is like to live under palms. On the way you come along the brand new restaurant and its not yet equipped bar. Just click and enjoy!

As the below listed satellite picture proofs, at low tide you can undertake endless sandy sea walks.

Kilwas most beautiful water tower

The function of the 10 meter tall water tower are versatile. The ground floor is used as a workshop for all kind of repairs and the storage of the tools, while first and second floor are equipped with water tank and the rooftop is the view point with a high degree of relaxation.

Even the door frame of the tower is designed in the style of the first foreign settlers of Kilwa.

300 kilometers or about 4 hours drive from Dar es Salaam on the tarmac road and you reach the Kilwa peninsular. The flight from Dar to the nearby Kilwa Masoko airport only takes 45 minutes. Beside the famous deep sea fishing of Kilwa, all tourist have to visit the World Cultural Heritage Site of Kilwa Kisiwani, the Selous National Park and if they have still time they visit the next tourism destination is Zanzibar.

Have a look at the project drawing to get an idea of the layout of the hotel site, it's dimension as well what is already constructed and what is still planned or what can be implemented in addition - there is still lots of vacant space available. Just click on it to enlarge the plan.

With good eyes you can recognize the property shape of "NEW life" and the bushy not yet cultivated shurbs on the Western, left hand, side. The extended sandy ocean bottom as well as the long stretching sandy beach of the cap is inviting the visitor to long lonesome discovery walks. Click here or on the sat pic above in order to watch an easy drive over the property entering from the Northwest, passing all constructions of the plantation and getting off the ground in the South.

Internationally Tanzania belongs to the 10 fastest growing economies worldwilde, in Africa Dar es Salaam is the fastet growing town and in a few years time the Southern parts of Tanzania will be the biggest natural gas exporter of the continent. Now it has become high time to secure your fair share in this booming economy and to start a "New life". Welcome, we also offer other lucrative opportunities down South!


300 km South of Dar es Salaam

Plot size

12.8 acre

Property Type

Hotel property


164 meters

Beach front

254 meters


Nearly 300 coconut palms


Tanzania Investment Certificate (TIC), title deed


1 restaurant with bar,kitchen, office and reception;  4 chalets, 1 10m tall water tower with workshop, 8 campsite shelters with a lavatory house nearby


Foreign investors

Special Features

Total peace and long maritime walking facilities as well as a World Cultural Heritage Site and the Selous National Park nearby.

Distance to tarmac road

5 kilometer

Distance to next settlement

1 kilometer

Distance to shopping facilities

4 kilometer


price on request

P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

+255 (0) 784 328 328