On the west coast of the spice island Zanzibar, a few kilometers from town, in the coral land of Mbweni Ruins you will find an Oasis which will fulfil all your residence desires. Directly at the edge of the luxury residency estate, it is situated in the best location The beautiful house and the very well kept garden was constructed with lots of love by an expatriate and his wife. 



Surrounded by big bushes and a strong wire netting the lot it is well secured. The garden is quiet shady and together with the sea breeze there is no reason to sweat again.



From the garden, as well as from the sleeping room and also from the living room you can enjoy the view of the sea. The beach gate enables you water excursions anytime you want. Finally a well kept house with beautiful garden directly on the beach - the water can reach you under the garden gate! 


House and office are furnished with exclusive hard wooded furniture. 3 sleeping rooms, 2 are self-contained, 1 office room, an huge kitchen and a dining and sitting room as shown on the picture. The package price is an all round opportunity! 



This picture is taken from the garden gate towards the seaside and shows the front side of the house with it's well kept garden and the tool shed on the right.



On top of the Shangani Post office in the same named part of the old Stone town of Zanzibar Town is the 7-room office of the very profitable running  business to develop. 


The company is well established in Zanzibar town and operating all over Zanzibar and Pemba with many other business like real estate, distributor of satellite antennas and many more concerning investments i.e. business proposals. The furnished and fully equipped office has 7 rooms of which are 5 in use the others can be rented.





Near Mbweni about 5 Kilometer from the old Stonetown in Zanzibar. The office is direct in the Stone town in Shangani area direct on top of the Shangani Post office

Plot size

1 lot  of about 1000 mē

Property Type

Residential property together with business in the posh leased office in stone town is especially for people who want to start and  live in Zanzibar

Length 35 meters
Beachfront 30 meters
Vegetation Palms, other trees and lots of beautiful flowers - a really well kept garden!.
Documents/Permits Title deed and all other business license and information
Buildings The beach house has 3 bedrooms and 2 are self-contained, small office room, huge living room with dining facility. Outside is a garage, servant quarter. The office has five furnished rooms and two empty office rooms can be for lease.
Neighbours To the south next neighbour comes after approximately 200 meters and to the north are 7 other houses belonging to expatriates from the estate.
Kind of waterfront House built on a rocky foundation which falls about 2 meters down to the sandy beach which turns after some meters to a compact stony ground
Special Features The Zanzibar estate package contains 2 vehicles, 1 furnished beach house and a fully equipped and furnished office with 3 well running business items. 
Distance to tarmac road 1,6 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 40 meters 
Distance to shopping facilities 1,3 kilometers to local shops
Price The price for the whole package is on request! Beach house and business plus office can be also sold separately, but the business has to be sold first.



P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

TEL /FAX 002 55 22 2701317

Email info@my-beach.com