It is directly located where the comfortable and calm country  life starts and the hectic life of Dar es Salaam stops. At the lower right edge of the picture the tarmac road, leading to the Southern coastal parts of the country, can be recognized. From there a good gravel road leads to the peacefully situated property.


Evergreen are the rolling palmy hills of this spot. The photograph shows the South slope of the hill of 'Palm grove' and on its foot is where the ground water comes to the surface.


After just 1,5 kilometer from the tarmac road, the gravel road reaches at the hill, the property named 'Palm grove'.


From the foot till the top the hill fully belongs to the property. Here the property is viewed from the North, the Dar es Salaam side.


Lots of different fruit trees are standing on top of the hill, giving this spot sufficient shadow for a convenient stay in the refreshing breeze.


Marevelous is the view from top over the steep Northern slopes. Below the sandy road along which the electricity wire is running.


With more than 5 acre the property can be already used as a farm due to high fertility and water access. Electricity and the nearby tarmac road are making the place as well convenient for a spacious residence with lots of privacy.

Great sunsets with far away view and a steady view are making this property a very special location.



Less than 40 kilometers South of the city center of Dar es Salaam

Plot size

5 acre

Property Type

Farm property


Various palms, shrubs and  lot of different fruit trees


Survey in process




Foreign and local investors

Special Features

Water and electricity are available, magnificent view and a refreshing breeze with the tarmac road nearby

Distance to tarmac road

1,5 kilometers

Distance to next settlement

200 meters 

Distance to shopping facilities

1,5 kilometer


price is on request


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317