Secured, new and modern the penthouses are well placed in the neighborhood of this upper class area of Dar es Salaam. This brand new rental facility is ready to accommodate families and singles. There are three luxury three bedroom apartments with everything to accommodate families sufficiently and comfortably as well as singles who are demanding for larger space.

Located about 250 meters off the tarmac road and less than a kilometers from the Indian Ocean, the appartments are located in walking distance from three different modern shopping complexes as well as schools and hospitals.


Just after entering the compound you will face the East corner of the building. Right of it is sufficient parking for your as well as your visitor's cars.
This is the view from the dressing room of the master bedroom of the first floor from penthouse no. 3 which shows the entire first unit from outside towards the court yard.


From back of the complex the view remains green towards the neighboring property.

Each of the penthouse master suites has small balcony which is sufficient for ventilating the whole suite as well as refreshing yourself outside.


A high ceiling is waiting for every visitor entering the apartment. This gives the living room a cool temperature and a generous spacious feeling.


Opposite of the entrance door is the backdoor which enhances the ventilation downstairs.


Bright with windows in three directions, in decent painted colors with suitable floor tiles, the master suite lacks only your personal touch in order to make your home in Dar es Salaam perfect.


High quality woodwork on all doors and wardrobes. Wherever you go in the entire property colors are well chosen in order to match best.


Even in the bathroom you will miss no amenity or comfort - it is still brand new and has not yet been used, therefore better press your booking right now and call now!


Durable, tropical hardwood in the kitchen matches not only the colors of the apartment, it is also the best you can get for a strong utilization.


Not more than 2 kilometers away from the MyBeach office; our team is looking forward to show you around. From the premises it is only 9 kilometers to the city!


Privacy and security in a convenient ambience for a reasonable price is the landlord's motto. For more information and details please do not hesitate to ask the MyBeach team.


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

TEL 002 55 22 270 17 10 / 11

CELL 002 55 (0) 744 328 328

CELL 002 55 (0) 748 328 328

CELL 002 55 (0) 773 328 328

FAX 002 55 22 2701317