Exactly there where the arab slave traders and ivory hunters reached, after their sometimes 12 years long lasting voyages in the 19th century, is Bagamoyo located. Bagamoyo derrives from the Swahili verb 'kubwaga moyo' which means translated to English, to throw off a burden, which the porters were carrying all the way from the interior. Here the traditional sailing ships 'dhaus' crossed with all trading goods the sea to the former East African center point of trade, Zanzibar.


German colonialist made Bagamoyo the first capital of 'Deutsch-Ost-Afrika' errected houses, established an administration and improved the infrastructure. MyBeach offers you one of this huge and well constructed houses along the mainroad of the stonetown which was recently declared to be world cultural heritage. Take part in this heritage!



Towards the sea side, directly in front of the mansion is a small garden with lots of tropical fruit trees, plants and small extension house with 3 utility rooms. Even the garden offers a tremendous view on the sandy beach line which is in this photograph covered by the vegetation.



Especially the carved outside door reflects the history and the past wealth of this house which was once accomodating a part of the ruling society of this part of the world. Outside doors as well as the inside doors are carved in the famous Swahili style.



After passing the downstairs rooms and halls, authentic stairs bring you to the bedrooms of the first floor where the accomodations are more comfortable due to view and existing sea breeze. Above the stairs the traditional ceiling with its fitted  black locks can be seen.




Up on the right side of the first floor the first 3 orignal carved Swahili doors bringing the visitor to the accomodations. In the back of the corridor more rooms are situated.



Directly opposite of the above displayed room, the so called Swahili window-doors with iron grills offering a magnifique view on the rest of the plot which leads down till the sandy beach.



On the architecture floor plans  for the 1. floor it can be seen that this long corridor with its 4 outside windows to the sea - here on the right  side, leads to 2 accomodations which consits each out of 2 rooms.



With windows to the stonetown street the main rooms of each accomodation brings another attraction and flair to the visitor. This self-contained double room accomodation offers a lot of space even over nigth for a small family.



But it is especially the mixture of an historic flair with the authentic enviroment whose tracks of the past can be recognized here and there which give this place a unique and unforgotable ambience. Just take a look through this window - it is the inside as well as the outside which matters!



Viewed from the sea side: In front of all rooms of the first floor is the long veranda which windows and arcs are not shown on this drawing. The height of the high ceiling is displayed on the left of the plan.


For viewing more architecture drawings, please click on one of the following links:

 Architecture floor plans            drawings of the ground and 1. floor


Architecture side view plans         drawings of both sides of the building

Proposed project plan                      drawing of a proposed project



Just directsy located in the old stonetown of Bagamoyo, about a 100 meters from the sandy shore is one of the biggest and best maintained colonial buildings. Bagamoyo is part of the corner between Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. In less than one hour drive you reach the city center of Dar and Zanzibar stonetown is located in the same distance but eastwards. For a better understanding please click on the linke of the satellite picture.



With a length of 30 meters the house almost fills the eastern and slimmer part of the property. The preceeding garden is as well part of the slim corridor but towards the beach a more than 100 wide space offers you, your friends, family and customer enough space for recreation and a relaxed view. The white sandy beach stretch is 112 meters long!






Viewed from the beach of Pirates fort: The whole historical skyline and scenery of Bagamoyo can be seen. Starting from the left side comes the ocean, followed by the ancient German custom house, the fish market and a wide range of old Arab and colonial houses and finally on the right hand side the Pirates which roof is half covered by a mango tree. All land in front till the sea belongs to this property.




Directly in the old stone town of the ancient German capital Bugaboo, 60 kilometres or less than 1 hour drive north of Dar es Salaam.

Farm size

3 acres

Property Type

residential  property which can be converted to commercial usage

Vegetation  lemon trees, palms, pawpaw, banana, neem trees and other old indigenous trees
Documents/Permits Title deed
Buildings Old Arabic mansion with 8 rooms, utility house with 3 rooms  - more than 670 m built-up
Neighbour Located between an Indian residence and a Scandinavian office
Special Features A place full of history and an ancient flair of an almost forgotten culture
Distance to tarmac road 0,7 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 10 meters
Distance to shopping facilities 0,1 kilometers
Price Price on request



P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

FAX 002 55 22 2701317