Between Tanga and Mtwara can only Dar es Salaam be mentioned as a safe haven, but another nearby location for a safe deep water anchorage as well non-stop swimming facilities is the lagoon of "Port fort". The property is located along a sandy stretch without mangroves, always having  direct access to deep water which is not exposed to big waves - this is the ideal water sport area - see yourself on this drone clip!



Have a sit and enjoy this park atmosphere of the lodge while counting the passing by fisher boats on their way to their rich fishing grounds. Sailing, fishing and even cultural village trips are organized via the management by foot, car or bicycle.


You can also call it the green ecological lodge, because not much remains visible of the main building because it is hidden behind palms and local fruit trees in order to keep a good climate in the building.


Under the palm thatched 'makuti' roof it never gets damp or hot. The office and reception are the center point of this construction.

Since decades an huge tree has been growing in the walll of the house and is now overshadowing and protecting the roof of the lodge. To the left the entrance and to the right the restaurant with the bar behind.


Full house. Guests from all over the world as well as day-trippers from Dar es Salaam and expats from the neighbourhood are appreciating the delicious recipes of the chef.


Next morning the staff has cleaned and arranged the reminders from last night again. The bar made out of joined sailing boat timber is empty awaiting the thirsty guest of the house to be back soon.

8 years ago as the owner, hotelier and tour operator, started the lodge as the tree has not been significantly bigger. The people say that already in colonial times this spot was a popular destination for people from Bagamoyo.


In- as well as outside of the main building the tree, the stem as well as the roots are an eye-catcher while the treetop is protecting the roof of the house. The first door to the left leads in to the self-contained bedroom explained below.


All rooms are ensuite and have air-conditioners. In the main house not even a fan is needed due to the pleasant climate generated by the palm thatched roof and the overshadowing tree.

Every chalet of the lodge is directly facing the beach. Here the 2 bungalows with each 2 double bedrooms.


White, wide and bright are all rooms equipped with all necessaries.


Don't stay in the rooms. Enjoy the terrace with full comfort and high privacy.

Or stroll down to the lagoon to have a swim. As the picture shows: From the accommodations at the coastal hill the beach slope stretches very long down to the water.


Just a few meters above the high water level you will be welcomed in the beach bar.


Here down by the water is the ideal location for dining, dancing & drinking.

From the top of the palms you can see the lights of Zanzibar at night. Only 50 kilometers North follows Saadani, Africa's only National Park located on the coast, and in the same distance in southwards is Dar es Salaam city located.


Every captain is dreaming of a well-sheltered, deep anchorage like in this lagoon. Drivers will reach the tarmac road after less than 2 kilometers and pilots can use the nearby airstrip.


Ideally shaped the beach plot still offers sufficient open space for sport activities as well as more constructions. The new double cottage on the left hand side, just below the main building is not yet part of the picture which was taken a few years back.


Low tide, but the foreign guests are ready for a sailing boat tour through the lagoon. Fishing, snorkelling, kayaking as well sailing in this peaceful lagoon is a must for every visitor of "Port fort". In a few hours time the motorized wooden dhow even brings tourists to Zanzibar. When can we arrange for your reservation?



50 kilometers North of Dar es Salaam

Plot size

11.000 square meters

Property Type

Hotel property
Length 83 meters

Beach front

84 meters


lots of old mango trees as well as other local fruit trees like fig and guava trees and coconut palms together with a variety of different colorful exotic flowers like orleander plus one old.  majestic baobab tree


title deed and all license to run an hotel


1 main house with reception, office, storage, 3 bedrooms, bar, restaurant (for up to 60 guests), 2 guest toilets & attached kitchen all under the huge 'Mgandi' tree. 2 bungalows with 3 bedrooms and 1 bungalow with 2 bedrooms = altogether 12 bedrooms with AC and sea view! Beach bar with spacious dancing facility and outside showers. Guardhouse near the gate and outside the surrounding wall on an extra and not yet surveyed plot with the servant quarters


local and foreign investors

Special Features

Lagoon location with 24 h boat access and swimming facility; staff: 1 chef with  assistance. 1 housekeeper, 2 gardeners, 4 watchmen, 1 driver plus 1 assistant; sweet water well; assets: 1 van, 1 wooden local dhow with outboard engine - the operating hotel is on sale on as it is basis

Distance to tarmac road

1,5 kilometer

Distance to next settlement

50 meters 

Distance to shopping facilities

150 meter


price is on request


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania