hotel resort gate

Placed in between the healthy and tall palms of Zanzibar's exciting West coast, the lodge is part of the safe and very private neighbourhood of the island and made for people who prefer peace and calmness!


main complex of the lodge Frome the gate the road leads through the mature palm grove till it reaches the main complex of the resort with its parking facilities. See the site plan below in order to fully understand the dimensions of the property.


As tall as it is wide is the restaurant area. Attached to it the bar as well as the library. The huge wooden floor area offers sufficient space for additional guest invites

Cool-room, kitchen, workshop and of course the office are due to the latest international standard.

Get well in the SPA house of the resort by the powerful skilled hands of an expat.


Many different path ways are leading through the compound and they are well enforced in decent natural colours like all other construction of the hotel.

Each of the seven chalets is located along the shore and well surrounded by the lush evergreen vegetation which guarantees the guests a maximum of privacy.


In the lounge area of each accommodation is sufficient space for two more guests. An ideal facility for parents who prefer staying with their children under one roof.


From the double bed of the spacious bedroom you got pool and ocean view. Every cottage is of course equipped with all amenities you might even think of.

The very good workmanship of this quality resort becomes fully visible in the bathrooms. All appliances as well as tiles are imported.


You can not be seen by neighbours, staff, guests or even by beach walkers. And if you really prefer, you can stay days in the lodge without seeing guests or staff - everything will be brought to your lounge.


Made for sportsmen: Although the pool is small, you might not reach the other end of it due to the counter current water system. If the pump is on, you have to swim fast or you will drift back to where you started. Nevertheless the power of the current can be adjusted!


Not only the chalets and their pools have a top degree of privacy, each cottage has its own staircase going down to the beach.


Hotel events like fish barbeque as well as watersport activities and other festivities start on the Southern sandy beach part of the 177 meter coastline.

Privacy from the gate till the beach. The coastline is well protected against erosion and invites for beach stroll - what might be behing the next corner?


Have a look at the  site plan of this 15 acre beach property and look at the well placed constellation of all constructions. 

Less than 20 kilometers from Zanzibar Town and the International Airport the resort invites for commuting as well as to visit and join all other tourist attractions and activities offered in and around Stonetown.

Karibu to the private cove! This resort offers certainly the highest privacy the island can offer and due to expat workmanship as well as the imported material, all works are done to the highest European construction  standard. Not only guests are welcomed in the lodge and it is not solely for purchasers. The owner is also offering a fair amount of shares of the company. Therefore it can be regarded as a perfect private holiday home which even creates profit.

The handy European owner has got another very picturesque hotel project for sale or partnership to offer



About 17 kilometers North of Zanzibar Town

Plot size

15 acre

Property Type

Hotel property


330 meter

Beach front

177 meter


A large variety of different evergreen tropical trees, palms, shrubs and flowers are creating a pleasant atmosphere to stroll through and to discover welcoming niches to rest and to enjoy the beauty of nature


Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority Certificate, title deed and all necessary licenses to operate a hotel in Tanzania


4 staff houses, manager's house, main house with attached office, kitchen, bar as well as restaurant, an extra SPA house on polls and of course seven well-finished cottage in high quality material


Government and local investors

Special Features

100% privacy, a 100KVA generator and a bore hole. Due to its garbage recycling, it's 'green construction' of the buildings as well as the vegetable and fruit production, the hotel is aiming a certificate as a 'eco-lodge'.

Distance to tarmac road

2 kilometer

Distance to next settlement

200 meters 


Price is on request and lower than the construction costs!


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317