Although it is not located on the beach, the property is as marked by the red cross only 3 kilometers off the ocean, but catching due to its altitude of over 100 meters a strong sea breeze and of course a great sea view. It is just around 1kilometer off the tarmac road from where it is only 20 kilometers to the city center.

Three ridges are running along the slope of the property. The two outside ridges are marking  the border line and are giving this location a kind of protected valley touch although you can join the view from everywhere.


Here Promised land is viewed from the tarmac road which goes to Bagamoyo. The three red lines are marking the approximately borderlines of the property which are here covered by lots of preceding coconut palms. Westwards on top of the ridge where no red stripe marks the border runs the road.



Down the slope at the northern side this picture was shot. It shows the end of the slope and the beginning of the small plain.

From the eastern border line, the lowest point of this piece of land this photograph was taken towards the mighty slope. The altitude is only 93 meters in comparison to the upper road part of 106 meters


Only 3 kilometers straight to the ocean and the recently constructed tarmac road is not yet marked on this topographical map, but it is about 1 kilometer only from the property. The 20 kilometers to the city center can take by car 20 to 50 minutes depending on the rush hours.



145 meters from East to West in the South and a length of 90 meters on the northern border line with 70 and 64 meters on the West and East borders are giving this plot fabulous possibilities for big projects - more than 8000mē!

Certainly the most important picture. Viewed from the Northwest corner of the plot showing the sandy road - this also marked on the GPS-survey sketch above. Electricity polls are running directly in front along the road and the neighbor in the North is already connected to the city water supply. Nevertheless the view as it can be only hardly recognized on this panorama picture is the most attractive feature of this gorgeous chunk of land. Sea view is guaranteed! When will you come and check it out with our team?



On the edge of the city just about 20 kilometers North of the center off the Bagamoyo Road

Plot size

2 acres

Property Type



64 meters


145 meters


Local trees and lots of indigenous shrubs


Survey in process




Tanzanian residential as well as investors

Special Features

Located on a slope with a fantastic view on the sea as well as on Dar es Salaam

Distance to tarmac road

1500 meters!

Distance to next settlement

70 meters 

Distance to shopping facilities

500 meters to local shops


Price on request!


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317