Come, see and relax. Even the first Europeans who arrived in the country more than 150 years ago, knew to appreciate the convenient climate as well as the high fertility of the soil.  The Rental ranch where actually neither cattle breeding nor farming is taking place is solely for tranquillity and relaxation.

Picture taken from the veranda of the house: This is the ideal view point when it is heavily raining or even it offers you a comfortable place in the cool shadow. The house is all the time of the year fresh and ventilated. Here you can have the perfect seet for having a drink while watching goreous sunset.

On the other end of the terrace where the kitchen is located you find all facilities for having barbecue outside. Nevertheless the pleasant climate allows all outside activities all through the year without getting a cold or sweat.


From Lusthoto town the property is 2,5 kilometers away which means by foot about 20 to30 minutes walk. This picture was shot just behind the local shops about 300 meters away from the farm which is indicated here by the red arrow. Only 1,5 kilometers further comes the famous Irente view point.

Decently furnished in the natural-rustic farmhouse style the cottage has each and everything for a comfortable stay. To the right side the main entrance from the veranda into the living room. The attached part of the sitting room which is attached to the kitchen serves as the dining area.


A kitchen with plenty of circulating air and a magnificent view and of course with full equipment. The back room for the complete barbecue kid, firewood and many other bigger kitchen items.



Welcome, but when will you come? You have to book in advance, because not only the owner loves to spend time in this heaven of peace; many friends, expatriates and tourists are creating an high demand for 'our little farm'. There are two bedrooms, but even if a third one is needed there is no problem.
The office room can be easily modified into another bedroom. Certainly this is the ideal spot for people who have to write, to study or to learn something more in detail, because pc faclilities can be obtained on demand and an internet access is available in Lushoto center. Most important is the fact that the accommodation is fully serviced so that you do not have to look after anything and additionally it is totally quiete which will enhance your full concentration as well as creativity.

Do not wait or hesitate to ask the MyBeach team for more details. As soon as we will have confirmed your booking, we will provide you with all other necessary informations of getting there, staying there as well as many other useful data. Even if you do not have your own transport, with public transport you reach Lushoto easily and if you do not want to go by foot up the hill, taxis are available around the colorful market place.

Embedded well in the upper slope of the mountain, the frontage of the house offers the best place of the whole house for having a comfortable rest while enjoying the pictorial panorama view with the marvelous surrounding nature. Rental ranch is highly recommended by university lectures and authors, because here every writer becomes extraordinary creative due to the peaceful and well-serviced house.



About 2.5 kilometers from Lushoto town towards Irente viewpoint about 20minutes walk from Lushoto at Maguzoni-Ngwezii village.

Altitude 1350 meters
Plot size

7500 meter squares

Property Type


Vegetation Beautiful young garden with selected flowers, indigenous trees and other species
Buildings Brand new brick house with two bedrooms and one study room which can be converted into another bedroom. One generator house plus a garage.
Neighbors Local farmers as well as owners of weekend houses
Special Features Generator and full serviced facilities by night watchman, gardener and on demand by a housekeeper/cook.
Distance to tarmac road 2.5 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 50 meters
Distance to shopping facilities 400  meters to local shops
Price price on request

P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

FAX 002 55 22 2701317