Rolling hills in a mild Mediterraen highland climate allow each and everyone regardless the age to enjoy all acitivities this fantastic land has to offer the investor. This picture shows the view from the mainhouse on the Northwest parts of the neighbouring horticulture farm and its access road.



All 4 buildings are situated on the upper ridge of one rolling hill facing the Northwest side. On the very left side of the picture, but only half visible, one residential house, right of it the spacious one bedroom house built by boulders, then the 3-bedroom main farm house, carport and further right, but here not anymore visible a modified store which is nowadays used for guests plus the horse stable. Each and every construction has its own individual unique view and sufficient distance to each other in order to keep the privacy high.


Rustic, solid and fully built out of massive natural boulders this 80mē cottage of the farm has 1 huge self-contained studio room and a tea kitchen.

A park resembling atmosphere is creating by well maintenance around the farm houses always stressing the fabulous view -  here taken from the horse stable facing the Northeast. Lots of different fruit trees and a wide range of flowers are decorating the areas around the houses.

Most effort was undertaken to create a very comfortable and decent interior. Although in this altitude no malaria needs to be feared, it can get chilly in the evening so that you spend most of the evening time indoors.


Come together at the fireplace during the wind whistles around the house and the hail nails on the roof.

Open and spacious serves the kitchen all needs of the farm life for one up to dozen persons. Please keep in mind that 2 other building have also each a kitchen and it comes therefore to 3 kitchens on the farm!

You want to play squash? In regards to the size, the unique styled bathroom is the ideal place for it, but do not get lost there!


The dam up river ensures beside the two permanent rivers, a continuous fresh water supply. Water sports, fish farming and other water-based ideas can be implemented here.


Not yet displayed has been the 2-bedroom house which is located in the Northern parts of "Retirement home". From the spacious veranda you can enjoy the view which is just displayed below. 


If front or back garden, the view is always given. Here the barbeque with the nearby fireplace.


Just on the other ridge of the neighbor hill is the long greenhouse of the horticulture export enterprise located. Adjacent along the South border of "Retirement home" the horticulture company neighbor finished recently their rental agreement for the 83 acre adjacent farm property. Now this flowering horticulture property is also now for sale for a very reasonable price.

Do you know where you are? Follow me! "Retirement home" is located in the center of where the 5 countries Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Congo and Tanzania meet and offers therefore a very good access to inter-African markets.

.Click on me or the thumbnail on the left to magnify the site plan of the farm.


Please do not underestimate this daytime climate in this altitude. MyBeach warmly recommends a pullover and take also the high rainfall occurance in consideration! In only 6 years, when most of the 25.000 pine trees have over 10 years, they fetch 12$ per piece (price of toaday!).

Come, see and be bewitched by this unique potential chunk of land. Contact us and let us plan your successful site visit throughout, so that you will keep on the track!.

The satellite image offers a good overview on the neighborhood. More than half of "Retirement home" is surrounded by permanent rivers which are the borders to the neighbours. To the West the running horticulture export company with its greenhouses and in the South the "Horticulture farm" which recently was purchased by an potential overseas investor. Only 2 km Eastwards the well equipped foreign Christian Mission!



Southwest of Tanzania, half an hour or 30km to Njombe and only 2 km from the Benedictine Mission

Plot size

110 acre

Property Type

Farm property


2150 meters above sea level


Approx. 800 meters

Beach front

Approx. 700 meters


25.000 pine trees ranging from 1-6 years of maturity, lots of ferns covering together with grazing grass the soil. Around the constructions are plenty of different flowers and fruit trees like apples, peaches, pears and plums located.


Title deed


Retirement home: 4 Buildings in total.  Main house has 2 spacious en suite  bedrooms, a large kitchen dining area, a huge semi closed porch and a guest room. 

The solid rock building is ideal as a guest cottage and has one large open style room with division for both a tea kitchen and a bathroom. 

A third  building is used as a well insulated store. It is built well so can easily be transformed into a small cottage. 

The second main house on this hill has a spacious kitchen, dining, sitting room, one guestroom, a beautiful sand stone bathroom and a master bedroom. It also has an extension almost complete planned as an additional bathroom, walk in closet and laundry area. 

The last building is a huge almost finished construction which was initially meant as staff quarters and for a small industrial production and grading.


Foreign investors and Christian mission.

Special Features

Good Christian and foreign medical supply nearby, clayish and organic acid soil with 5,5PH

Distance to tarmac road

15 kilometer

Distance to next settlement

1000  meters 

Distance to shopping facilities

1km for basics needs and 30km to Njombe for all other needs


Price is on request


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317