ocean front view

Sandy sea bottom, coral erosion blockers, dense tropical vegetation along the slope and eventually the marvelous view points on the edge of the coastal slope are the top features of this unique beach property. Please take your time to check out all characters of this chunk of ocean land.

Wherever you look or go, the coastline seems to be lonesome and forgotten. This is finally one of the properties in our online pool with the most privacy! Do not forget to take a machete with you in order to get through this thick costal bush!


NASA satellite picture

On this older satellite pic the borderline is only shown approximately. The land goes all along the slope till the water, but the red borderline which was drawn due to the survey ends in the East there where the slope falls down to the water. This means additional land is located in front! As seen on this picture the main road is nearby and the access road is nowadays well maintained. Click here for a new satellite picture which also show the cleared borderlines.

niche with view

Pictured through the window of the dense vegetation at the edge of the coastal slope. Certainly due to the high fertility of this virgin land a lot of pruning has to be done to bring all trees and plants in a good shape.

down by the sea

Down in the water at low tide you find lots of things to discover as well as convenient places to refresh yourself in the shallow warm sea water. Nevertheless keep in mind that this is at low tide only, because at high tide you do good only to sit on the cliffs watching the waves breaking on the cliffs.

Less than 2 kilometers 'Rocky garden' is located off the well maintained main road from which you reach Dar es Salaam after 42 kilometers or about 45 minutes car drive.

topographical map


aerial photo Just South of "Rocky garden" is the still ongoing project of the neighbour located. Always an advantage to have neighbours in this wilderness!


The coastal slope is not too steep to step down and once down at the sea there is no need to go up again. Full privacy, sea breeze, corals, sand and blue water - it is all yours!


site plan About 5 acres of beach land with a sea frontage of 56 meters and a stretch of more than 160 meters towards the interior came out of the survey. The slope falling down to the water with its dense vegetation is not included in this data!

wild ocean view

Dense and lush is the mature vegetation along the slope. Natural stairs can be knocked into the rocks in order to go down safely. Be prepared for a site visit!


About 42 kilometers south of the ferry, 6 kilometers south of Kimbiji and only 1,5 kilometers from the main road - map

Plot size

5 acre


165 meters


56 meters


Local trees and lots of indigenous shrubs






Tanzanian residential as well as investors

Special Features

Steep and very rocky with a unique vegetation

Distance to tarmac road

29 kilometers while the well maintained main road is only 1,5 kilometers away

Distance to next settlement

100 meters 

Distance to shopping facilities

1800 meters to local shops


Price on request!

P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

DIRECT +255(0) 784 328 328