When you will have reached this reception of the lodge, then you have already passed and seen a lot of game, because for getting there you have to pass the Saadani National Park.


And finally after crossing two creeks while coming from the reception you reach the long, lonely beach stretch. There where the boat is anchored close to the beach the property ends and more than 100 meters it stretches to the South.


Hidden behind the palms is the reception. This picture is waiting for every visitor coming to the lodge when the 4x4 drive safari vehicle approaches the property.


Left side the huge sweet water tank, a small house for the washrooms and in between two parked safari cars with the spacious reception house to the right.

Wild and wide is the bush land of the interior of the property. The left side of the photograph shows the corner of the reception while the entrance gate can be viewed on the right hand side of the picture. Do not let any food lying around there - the animals will certainly come!


After your arrival you will be welcomed under the cool palms thatches of the big reception hall with a cold drink.

Built with local materials the bridges guarantee a save passage over the creeks to the open sea.

Only a couple of meters behind the parking and reception area of the camp runs the first creek. The bridge brings the guests directly to the big restaurant and right side of it are the 10 cottages located.

It was the owner who has chosen this location to be the safest part of the camp for the construction of the chalet, but it is up to the tenant to place additional accommodations on any other part of the plot or even at the beach.

Except the windows the huts are 100% constructed out of natural material. All are fully furnished with double bed and shower plus toilet facilities.





Furniture, equipment and a few other items are not yet placed and give the new management space for own creation.

One row of mangroves is protecting the sand of deflation as well the beach bar from the strong direct sea wind.

Beverages and bartender are not yet around, but it will not take a long time to fill this exceptional place.


Much more land which also belongs to the camp is directly North of the surveyed area. Nevertheless surveyed are already 13 acre with a beach frontage of 150 meters. Together with the unsurveyed part the beach comes up to almost 400 meters!


Due to the zigzag drive coming from Dar es Salaam, the trip to the camp needs about 2,5 hours from the International Airport in Dar to "Saadani camp".


Southwards more deserted wilderness - hopefully you are ready to explore, but warn your guests about the danger of predators!



In the Saadani National Park about 2,5 hours drive or 150 kilometers North of Dar es Salaam

Plot size

13 acre surveyed and much more acre unsurveyed

Property Type

Lodge property with title deed


340 meters

Beach front

400 meters


Plenty of coconut palms, flowers, indigenous shrubs and trees


Tanzania Investment Certificate plus title deed


1 Reception building, 1 restaurant, 1 beach bar and 10 cottages


Government and locals

Special Features

Game, beach and a bigger unsurveyed area attached to the property

Distance to tarmac road

50 kilometer

Distance to next settlement

1 kilometer 

Distance to shopping facilities

2 kilometer


Rental or joint venture!


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317