hilltop view overlooking Tarangire

An incredible view over the flat lands of the Tarangire National Park is waiting for each visitor of "Safari hill". Here is the cradle of mankind, but the animals are still ruling thisparticular part of the old world. The 83 acre titled farm is exactly situated between the National Park and the  recently established Wildlife Management Area and therefore "Safari hill" does not fall under the jurisdictions of this well protected game areas. The photograph displays the view Westwards in direction Tarangire which starts immediately behind the dry grass plains, you find the highest elephant population worldwide. Tarangire is famous for its elephant herds which can reach up to 700 elephants! Forget about doing any agriculture there, because their trunk catches the smell of food crops via kilometers!

Only an hour drive or about 90 kilometers along the tarmac road from Arusha and then on a sandy bush track of about 15 kilometers you come to the view point "Safari hill". Even the last sandy tracks are passable all through the year. On the property itself you do need a four wheel drive car.


Along the slope of the of the hill are plenty of comfortable and inviting niches for constructing of accommodations. This picture shows the view towards the South and it explains the importance of a higher point of view while being in the bush. It is all about the view and security while being in the bush. An exceptional spot!



A distance between the tree offers a view on the surrounding animals and a guest to the "Safari hill" might  not get surprised by a sudden animal approach. Seeing  is believing!


Between the rocks are best places to rest or even to erect cottages. The whole hill is free of erosion and the rocks can be even used for construction!

Safari hill from miles away 

Viewed from the South-East: Safari hill looks like a pimple in the distance of only 5 kilometers, but wait until you will reach the top! Be aware that this lower grasslands are full of different herds of mammals. This is certainly not the right place to look for neighbors! Click here to see what the hilltop view is like - video!



Shady resting places are plenty along the slope of the hill. This are the best spots for watching bird and game life while feeling safe and comfortable on the hill.



Zebras, herds of elephants, hippos, buffalos, wildebeests, different gazelles, oryx, elands plus lions and leopards in the ambush, together with giraffes and many different species of monkeys are in particular gathered in the dry season around the Tarangire River. Following Ngorongoro conservation area it is the second biggest concentration of wildlife in Africa!


Nevertheless very close to the property is also surface water available, but there is a high traffic of animals! As soon as the first rain falls the huge herds of animals are migrating towards to the good grazing areas. In the dry season a solar pump powered bore hole guarantees you a steady clean water supply.

The plain part of the property has even due to the very slight slope and the single standing tree pattern a good view through the bush. No elephant, no zebra neither a giraffe nor a lion will pass without you haven't seen the game in particular when you rest on top of the hill.

the farm property during raining season

Green like the tropical rain forest is the savannah during the raining season. In these days the animals are spread everywhere and not anymore concentrated around the water holes. On the horizon just before the mountain range shimmers the water of the famous Lake Manyara National Park.



With comfort you can climb the hill. No sweat and heavy breathing will hassle you and this is why it is the ideal spot for all ages. The altitude of 1100 meters gives the area a very comfortable climate. Even by car the top of the hill can be reached easily.


Bar, restaurant, main house or cottages - what will you place on the plain top of the hill? Many more good and safe spots with plenty of space are located along the slopes of the hill.


Pebble stones and a mostly sandy underground like on and at the hill are the best drainage for the ground. No mud or swamp all through the year are making this land fully passable.

Endless distances in all direction. Here the visitor sees, feels and gets to know of the real Africa, it's bush, it's inhabitants and wilderness.

Staying on a hill is view, breeze and comfort, but lying down in the flat grasslands means sweat, danger and restrictions.


Open wild areas towards the South, westwards Tarangire National Park and game controlled areas in the East. The track comes from the Northern side and leads to a few lodges. The hill itself is located in the centre point of the 83 acres property. The longest border line measures 670 meters!

site plan of the title deed


100 kilometers Southwest from Arusha, Tanzania's second biggest town as well as the starting point for all safaris in the Northern circuit, the place can be reached in less than 60 minutes from Arusha airport. Although Tarangire is not part of the Ngorongoro conservation area, Lake Manyara National park and the Ngorongoro crater can be reached in less than one hour drive and from there you can continue to the Serengeti. Ask for more details how to get there and let us book you onto a very exclusive site visit overnight.

National Park, Wildlife Management Area and Game Controlled Area;  the titled property is still part of the local farm land and is not part of any restrictions while you are welcome to take the service of the neighboring Wildlife Management Rangers.

More than 40 kilometers of view, thousands of mammals and hundreds of different bird species in between. A zoological and botanical exercise for everyone. The photograph shows the wide view towards the South, but it does not matter in which direction you look from the top of the hill; the view is always gorgeous!



About 100 kilometers from Arusha town towards the Southwest

Plot size

83 acres

Property Type

farm / lodge property


500 meters


670 meters


Plenty of indigenous shrubs and trees


Title deed hold with hotel usage hold by a company which makes a take-over easy for foreign investors!


Servant quarter


Local and foreign investors, but all far away while adjacent neighbours are the WMA as well as the National Park plus the Game Controlled Area


1100 meters above the sea level

Special Features

fantastic view, water and herds of different species - water availbility!

Distance to tarmac road

12 kilometers

Distance to next settlement

2,5 kilometers 

Distance to shopping facilities

4 kilometers


Price on request! Please ask for our special terms and conditions for a site visit! Never go without GPS, sufficient water and spare tire and get the details from us before you will go into the bush!