Come down and let your whole family play on the full sandy beach, because shallow waters in the beginning and a fully sandy sea bottom free of stones allow even non-swimmers, elders and handicapped people to have their fun. Have no fear, while you are here!

Getting there takes you less than an hour drive from the Kigamboni ferry of Dar es Salaam. The last kilometer it gets a bit sandy, but is still passable with a saloon car. This picture displays the initial beach road along the beach frontage of the property how it was designed in the site plan. As the photograph shows, it is not anymore in use, because it has been removed and runs now behind the back of the property hence it gives the property much more privacy.


Here the borderline in the back of the property.


Finally after crossing over hundred meters of dense coastal vegetation you reach the beach.


Here we are in the last bay of Dar es Salaam. What can be seen on the horizon is not anymore part of the city.

Towards the other side, Eastwards, the view is not less spectacular and the beach is pretty busy as usual  in summer time.


Don't cut the typical coastal palm vegetation, because it offers you a pleasant time to rest in its shadow and it is a very effective erosion blocker.

Untouched, unconcernedly and just unbeaten, but always ready to be explored by YOU!

All this land can be yours: 165 meters sandy beach access, lots of indigenous shrubs, coconut and many other local palms on 5 acre.


Located on a peninsular, the property is surrounding back and forwards by water as it can be also recognized in the aerial pictures.


Directly located at the Southeast end of the Dar es Salaam district, the property is not too far to commute every day to town or to be the right location for a daytrip.

Nowadays the property and construction boom has already reached this outer point of Dar, but this aerial pic has been shot some years back and does not anymore show the constructions of the international neighbourhood of "Sand strand". When will you come with or without us to visit the site and to confirm its numerous advantages?

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