aerial view on Ras Dege

The wild and rough side of the Indian Ocean can be seen South of Kigamboni,where the reef is situated only 10 meters from the shore! This rocky ocean front property in Dar es Salaam is located in between the sandy beaches and has due to its interesting appearance lots of hidden topographical and maritime features to discover. Come and find it out. Finally a place in Dar es Salaam which beach is kind of remote without people passing along the coast line. Therefore a great location nearby the city and with lots of privacy!

Get your cut out of it! The 160 meter ocean frontage is the ideal opportunity for subdivision while enjoying the peace and loneliness of ocean life.

Sea cliffs from the plane

Northern borderline

Each and every square meter of the beach property has direct sea view and therefore full breeze. This chunk of fertile coastal coral land has the figure of a triangle with the long side towards the sea. Directly in the middle runs the border line of the two properties. This photograph shows the interior side of the property from which the borders lines are running towards the sea.

high tide Be exposed and feel the whole power of nature. Here at high tide you have to go to one of the two neighbhour sandy beaches for swimming, but at low tide  you can step down the natural stairs to the water in order to bath in the natural coral pools. This barreer protects the frontage of the plot and makes it a really quite and peaceful place without any disturbance from neighbours or visitors.

Construct more chalets directly on the sea front there where you feel the sea spray and listen to the never-ending sea sound.

pictured towards Dar es Salaam

exposed foundation Plenty of coral stones for construction are available at the site for the proposed villa to be constructed on top of the cliffs. Although mansion is not yet ready, the foundation is waiting for your mason to continue. Click on the picture in order to walk down the whole sea frontage on video. Listen to the great roaring sea sound!

South view

Viewed towards the South: At the tree which is only half visible is the small patch of sandy beach situated which is pictured on the photograph below. The further discovering walks down South can be only down at low tide with convenient shoes!

Only 50 meters away from Sea cliffs you come to sandy beach which is best for swimming at high tide.


Ras Mwanamkuru And if you go a little bit further the shore becomes more exciting, but watch your steps. This picture was taken at low tide!
Swim or snorkel just behind the reef or take a bath!. Down at the cliffs are comfortable natural basins inviting you at low tide to take a bath with leisure!

swimming pool

Ras Dege

It is high time to identify and to secure your majestic place in paradise! This picture was taken from the North beach towards the South. Sea cliffs is still one kilometer far away, but due to its centralized position along the shore, a various number of untouched coastal places can be overviewed in detail and reached by foot in a short time.


Located 2 kilometers off the next gravel road and 15 kilometers to the next tarmac road, you are less than half an hour car drive away from the Dar es Salaam ferry. As the crow  flies to the city centre it is approx. only 25 kilometers.

110 meters are both properties measuring together along the Eastern beacons while the Northern border line runs 143 meters in the interior and the South it comes to 86 meters. The North plot number 1 has 1,5 arce in size while number 2 measures a bit less. Nevertheless the edge of the cliffs stretches 160 meters along the coast!

site plan

Dar es Salaam sea view

With it's tremendous view, it's diversity in natural changes and refreshing wind this place is made for creative people who are tired and bored of city life and who want to come back to nature. Do what you always wanted to construct, stay independently and be the first pioneering developer. The two plots are waiting for your ideas!


25 kilometers south of Dar es Salaam - check the map & satellite

Plot size

2,5 acre.

Property Type

Commercial property

Length 143 eters (triangle!)
Waterfront 110 meter accordingly to site plan, but 160 meters in reality along the shore!
Vegetation Coastal shrubs
Documents/Permits Title deed
Buildings Foundation
Neighbours Expatriates
Kind of waterfront Cliffs with natural stairs to the reef downstairs
Special Features Stunning location for view and roaring sea sound plus huge variety of different topographical features along the shore - very remote and totally quiet!
Distance to tarmac road 15 kilometers
Distance to  next settlement 800 meters
Distance to shopping facilities 1,8 kilometers to local shops
Price Price on request



P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

FAX 002 55 22 2701317