Fully exposed to the open sea the beach house has an all-around overlooking view from the coastal hill. It is located almost 20 kilometers North of Dar es Salaam city center. In this middle to upper class neighborhood security is guaranteed.

The top of the plot is separated by a step wall which is decorated by natural coral stones. In the back you can sea the high brick wall and the neighbor mansion behind.


Viewed at low tide towards the North. This is the right time for long and lonely beach walks or to buy fresh fish directly from the fishermen.


On the sea front of the u-shaped house you might recognize that some work has to be finished in order to live a comfortable beach life in the house.

What an attractive view out of the house towards one of the preceding islands. In the walking distance there are couple hotels.


Lots of space for gardening, sport or other activities is waiting for you on the ground of the property.

Although most of the sea frontage is rocky and erosion safe, there is a full sandy bay in front of the house which welcomes all bare feet swimmers and walkers warmly.

A good overview of the whole property: The entrance is just beside the small servant/guard   quarter and from there you climb up the hill to get to the u-shaped house.


Down at the entrance it is less windy, but as soon as you are up, you will understand why you do not need a fan or an air-condition anymore. Please ask for more details as well as the remaining work which is left to be done at the house.


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317