Certainly a place where dreams become true. A beach chalet direct only a few meters from the high water mark level of the Indian Ocean and due to the rocky foundation which is hidden under the fine white coral sand this place is absolutely safe of erosion.

Additionally this location is protected by coconut palms. The of the trees comes together with a steady sea breeze and refreshes your stay in as well as outside of the lime beach house. The photograph shows the view of the back of the property towards the North.

The frontage view of the house shows that the construction is slightly higher than the sea as well as its beautiful protection by the surrounding trees.


Directly in front of the house is an old Casuarina tree which offers not only shadow, but also comfortable seats for viewing sunrise and sunset. Come and relax!


Much more convenient you can stay on the veranda of the house. It takes the half space of the whole cottage, its ground is filled with clean white coral sand and breeze plus sufficient light comes through the windows.


In the back of the house is a local chalet made out of palm leaves directly attached to the coral stone house.



Located only 58 kilometers from Stonetown or 50 minutes by car. Only 300 meters land inwards runs the gravel road with all other infrastructure amenities. This road is now under construction to become a tarmac road soon!

No other of the beach houses in our pool has such a terrific exposed location towards the sea while being safe of erosion. Do not spend your money for expensive luxury hotels; buy your own piece of haven for the same money. Develop it, use it and let it to other people while the value is rising. Be a beach owner!



On the East Coast of Zanzibar island about 58 kilometers from town

Plot size


Property Type



29 meters


28 meters


Palms and Casurina trees


Survey in process


A limestone cottage plus an attached palm leaf cottage



Special Features

Directed on the Indian Ocean and nicely embedded in the local beach community

Distance to tarmac road

Tarmac road under construction!

Distance to next settlement

20 meters 

Distance to shopping facilities

100 meters to local shops


Price on request!


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317