Selous (52.000kmē) together with the bordering Mikumi National Park as well as Udzungwa plus the surrounding game controlled areas is as big as Austria! South of the Rufiji river starts the impassable wilderness which is divided in hunting blocks, but North of the river is he park open for visitors and prohibited for hunters. This part can be easily compared with the Okavango Delta in Botswana due to its water as well as size, but the Selous has less visitors and much less infrastruture and is therefore still a genuine wildnerness as it was 100 years ago.

Even on the 25.000mē property of the lodge a lot of destruction takes place, because of the high game traffic. More than 70.000 elephants are counted in Selous!

Just missed him on his daily inspection tour around the utility rooms! Try tomorrow to meet him, but watch out, because he is not alone!


Beside the numberless crocodiles in the river, the Selous has a population of more than 40.000 hippos who always love to go on the landside to search for food. Therefore do not move around alone at night down at the river banks of the property - the hippos kill more humans in Africa than all wildcats together!


Not more than 40 meters of the high water mark level of the river follows the main house of the lodge. In front is the restaurant, followed by the bar and the walkway leading to the kitchen, store, office and toilets.


Under the huge palm thatched roof of the restaurant is also the bar situated because of security reasons. Otherwise an open-air bar could be visited by elephants and hippos!


Protecting of sun and rain the long walkway connects the restaurant with the kitchen.


Further the walkway also leads to the office as well as to the toilets. The office as also other parts of the lodge is connected to the 550 watt solar energy system of the lodge. Wireless telephone and internet access are also installed.



In front of the fire and water place of the kitchen is the round utility room located. Here foodstuff, freezers as well as dishes are kept safely.


Well protected of insects, reptiles and mammals is the corner cooking and dish-washing room of the lodge. The wide corner window allows the cook to view the animals who are following the food smell while passing by.

Round huts are found all over the compound. Each of the 5 luxury huts has sufficient space to the next one in order not to disturb the privacy and due to security reasons they are not too far away from each other.

You neither miss comfort nor luxury. Although the altitude is less than 100 meters, the climate is much fresher than the coastal one and therefore no air-conditons or fans are needed. The thatched roof has three layers and is absolute proof - no ceiling is required! The roughly plastered walls give the bedrooms (>50mē) a unique ambience. Each and every part of the chalets certifies the wide experience of its builder. A ladder goes up the roof of the bathroom where there are more sleeping facilities for the children.


Definitively you will forget that you are in Africa's biggest wildlife area when you enter this excellent finished bathroom, because it resembles a 5 star international hotel from Dar es Salaam. Everything functions very well and is maintained perfectly. When can we book you to check it out? Please mind the raining season from March to Mai!


For every purse the lodge has something to offer. Along the river the five luxury cottage and a bit further in the interior are 6 so called backpacker rooms located.

Each of the simple accommodations has two beds as well as the basic furniture. This offer makes National Park visits affordable even for students!

Outside in another building are the washrooms for the backpackers. The toilets are again situated in another construction.


Living in the bush changes people. A housewife becomes a mechanic, children are hunting and business man is all over a sudden a talented craftsman. This is why you have to be independent from others which means you have to repair, to improve or even to produce things on your own in your own fully equipped garage. This one is displayed here to the left hand side while to the right is the entrance to 40mē laundry. The amarula fruits underneath the tree are waiting for the elephants to pick them up later.


70mē staffed with a wide range of different tool for repairs and installation of the electrical as well as plumbing system of the whole compound are waiting to be used. Further a full set of carpentry tools were used by the owner himself as he has done the entire well finished woodworks of the place.


Generators in all sizes: 44, 5 and here not visible the portable one with 1 KVA!


Proof against humidity, rodents and all insects is the 50mē store. The new owner who is going to take the lodge over gets everything which is here except personal effects. We are not solely talking about foodstuff, because many electrical and plumbing appliances are stored here which were imported in order to finish the 6 bedroom apartment building on the compound.

More than 25 meters is the bore hole deep. Fresh drinkable water is pumped from there into the 5000 liter solid concrete water tower in order to use the gravity.


Viewed from the 15 meter high tower towards the river. Due to the shady trees only the huge palm thatched roof of the restaurant can be seen.

The evening comes fast in this latitude. The guests come together at the campfire listening to the anmial adventures the lodge owner experienced around the lodge.

As the crow flies the 5 acre property has a river frontage of 115 meters, while the whole frontage is overlooking the river.

How would you like to go? Which means do you prefer, train, plain, bus or car? Everything is going to Selous and in particular via very interesting routes. Make a round tour, leave Dar es Salaam on the Kilva Road going to Kibiti from where you go on a sandy track through the forest till you meet the Rufijiji river. Only 60 km along the river and you reach the lodge. From there you cross the North part of the Selous which is 85 km. Coming out of the plains, your 4x4 will climb up the fertile Uluguru Mountains going to Morogoro from where you need only 2,5 hours on the tarmac road to Dar es Salaam.


On the map of the Northern sector of the Selous the good strategic location as well as the dimensions of the  Northern part can be well recognized.



Live your life and live your dreams! This exciting ready made lodge life is full of recreation and relaxtion and on top of it very profitable.


About 240 km Southwest of Dar es Salaam

Plot size


Property Type

Lodge property


250 meters (max.)


148 meters (max.)


Palms, trees , flowers and shrubs


Lease contract, survey plan and all business license


5 luxury round huts( 50mē), 6 packpacker double rooms, store, L-shaped workshop( 70mē) with genset room ( 7mē) and small storage room ( 10mē) together with laundry (40mē) and washrooms, separate shower and toilet, restaurant ( 80mē) with bar, kitchen house with attached office (12mē) and toilets, watertower (5000L) with pump house underneath. A 6 bedroom apartment house is still under construction - all imported electrical and plumbing appliances are stored.


Tanzanians and investors

Special Features

Heavy game traffic on the property. Everything is best finished and needs only very little maintenance. The sale includes the whole package with each and everything - ready to start business on the spot!

Distance to tarmac road

60 kilometer

Distance to next settlement

150 meters 

Distance to shopping facilities

1 kilometer

Price and conditions

On request




P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317