Relax and rest here or turn the marvellous given opportuinties of this particular part of the Tanzanian coastline into a profitable business.

Beach features like in Zanzibar are waiting for the explorer. Tall palms till the high water mark level, fine coral sand white as snow and clear turquoise-blue water which touches this virgin beach. Although the property is located along the main road to the South, the people are still sticking to the old value of hospitality and are happy to welcome every foreigner in their community.


What a perfect constellation of sand, water and vegetation in the back. This is the view northwards at low tide. Going further along the beach a small river flows into the ocean. This is also the preferred place for fishermen to catch their daily bread and for you to get the catch of the day.



Low tide is coming! The picture shows the Northern end of the property.


Follow me! It is morning time and the sun has already risen up above the ocean and we are strolling along a shallow lagoon northwards while looking back along the shore of "Southern comfort".

Well protected is the property situated along the bottom side of the sandy bay.



Crystal clear water comes together with white coral sand. Even when the water reaches your neck, you can still read newspaper under water or even from the bottom of the sea. When will you try it?


The coastline is flat like a pancake while at the other side of the tarmac road coastal hills are overlooking the bay.


Nestled between two villages in the middle of plenty of coconut palms the property is a bit about 200 meters located off the tarmac road.

Sand at the sea bottom, sand on the beach as well as in the interior - this is the ideal soil for coconut plams!

Viewed towards the North: Behind the palm starts the village and to the right or eastwards comes the open sea.


Palms, palms, palms till the high water mark level!

An ideal coastline to do all different kind of beach sport activities at low tide as well as high tide.




Exceptional sheltered location with good infrastructure and no nearby local settlements.


By clicking here you will see a walk along the borderline of this property.

It is not on us to propose you what to do here, because you can almost do everything. Be as free as Robinson Crusoe and explore the beach, go under water and be fascinated by the maritime flora and fauna or just stay where you are in your deckchair and let the tide flood your table. This is for sure the most inviting and comfortable beach we have ever visited! Hope to see you soon!



About 400 kilometers Southwards of Dar es Salaam

Plot size

12 acres

Property Type

Hotel beach property


150 meters

Beach front

240 meters


Plenty of coconut palms, indigenous shrubs and trees


Title deed





Special Features

Full sandy beach property, sweet ground water, tarmac road plus electricty line

Distance to tarmac road

200 meters

Distance to next settlement

400 meters 

Distance to shopping facilities

1 kilometer


Price on request!


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania