world view spot of Lushoto


Have you ever been to a place where the view was so much stunning that you did not want leave anymore? Here is the property where you can spend the whole day only by watching one of the countries most attractive sceneries. Do you prefer to stay in a cooler climate than in the lower coastal regions? Here you find the location without any sweat or freezing. Even more than 100 years ago Europeans appreciated in particular the area around Lushoto as their favorite place for recreation as well as food production.

More than hundred kilometers the view stretches southwards over the huge Masai Steppe. The cliff to the very left belongs to the property as well. Its exposed rocky balconies are inviting for joining the view.


Northwards all properties with view have been already taken by foreign and local investors. One place is used commercially and offers accommodation as well as delicious dishes.


Viewed from Irente View Point - for sale

Pictured early in the morning: The rising sun is about to cross the ridge and the plains are still covered by clouds, but "Usambara wonder" is above and going to be reached soon by the warming morning sun. The point of view from where this photograph was taken about one kilometer North from the property.


view on Irente and "Usambara wonder"

From the upper slopes of the neighboring peak this wonderful spot can be seen as well as the green hinterland slope.

Hidden exposed balconies along the steep slope of the property are highly demanded spots for catching the panorama view. Here the way how to get there - video!

location & elevation

The lowest wonder of the property

Welcome, but watch your steps! Let the morning sun warm your back; enjoy the sky high view above the clouds in the day time and relax while watching the sun setting on the horizon. There are not many places like this one left in Tanzania.


A shed and a cottage are already constructed on the edge of the slope. Bring your plans for a holiday house on the edge where you will catch most of the view.



physical map Tanga Dar es Salaam coast 380 kilometers or 4 hours drive from Dar es Salaam and you are in the most exciting mountain scenery of the country. From the Northern circuit of Arusha it is almost the same distance while the beach of the Indian Ocean at Pangani and Tanga can be reached in less than 2 hours drive.

Less than 5 kilometers have to be driven from the tarmac road at Lushoto town in order to reach this gorgeous spot. From there only 4 kilometers in Southwest direction runs the main road which connects Dar es Salaam with the northern part of the country. This main road can be seen on the on the Soutwest corner of map - just left at the bottom.

topographical map of Eastern Usambara mountains



sunset on the ridge

In the evening when it is already dark in the lower plains a magnificent sun set can be still watched from this ridge. Due to the good infrastructure of the area around Lushoto, the steep slope of this mountain range which causes the great view, this location is unique and can not be compared to the peaks in the North of the country. Come, climb and check it out comfortably.



5 kilometers from Lushoto which is about 380 kilometers North of Dar es Salaam

Plot size

1 acre

Property Type



90 meters


50 meters


Local and imported trees


Survey in process


2 cottages


Tanzanians as well as international investors

Special Features

Located on a slope with a fantastic view on the sea as well as on Dar es Salaam and electricity line runs nearby

Distance to tarmac road

5 kilometer

Distance to next settlement

500 meters 

Distance to shopping facilities

1500 meters to local shops


Price on request & less than a 4x4!


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

direct +2 55 (0) 784 328 328