MyBeach is happy to show you around in this small, but well located, hotel which has due to the lack of funds not yet operated . Join the incredible sunset, because it is located fully exposed to the Indian Ocean on Zanzibar's West coast not far away from Zanzibar town.Along the well sheltered West coast of the Spice Island, this location is also subject to save anchorage.

Even at low tide and of course at high tide as well, the property offers a full sandy sea bottom which guarantees safe swimming fun and no sharp rocks which might be dangerous to any kind of boats.


Protected by the rocks and placed on the rocks the view from the terrace of the cottages resembles a bridge of a bigger boat. Therefore the cottages might catch some sea spray at the time of spring tide.


Enjoy the play of the colours in the water while you are relaxing on the promenade of the hotel overviewing the ocean, the beach and its cape. All visitors and holiday makers know at once to appreciate this spot! For a high resolution picture, please click here or on the picture.


The cottages are placed on both sides of the cape always with a maximum of sea view and privacy.

Here a wide panorama view of the South side of the property with the estuary in the middle. The mouth of the small river is a guarantor for sandy beaches as well as sandy sea bottom. Even a piece of land of the South side of the estuary, at the pictures right hand side, belongs to the property, where the land is flat and free of any rocks on this side.


In the back of the North part of the beach property remains sufficient land for additional constructions.



Your cottage can not be closer to the ocean anymore! You and your guests are fully exposed to the ocean and it does not take a long time, till you have learnt to live with the rhythm of the changing tides, winds and sounds.


With the changing roaring of the ocean nobody gets the idea that the resort has no privacy. Everybody gets full sea view and sounds while you are all together at the tip of the cape.


All water sport and beach sport activities can be done. Entertain you hotel guests with beach volley ball, snorkelling, diving, wind- and kite-surfing as well boat and kayak tours.


From the sky the topography of the area is easily to understand and the main attraction of the cape at the estuary is spotted best. Mind the ful sandy sea bottom!



Due to its estuary and cape location the property stretches about 300 meters along the shores and it covers a surface of 4,5 acre.


By far less than 10 kilometers on the road northwards from Zanzibar Town, the property is located in a very peaceful and by expatriates highly appreciated neighbourhood. Stressfree and traffic-jam-free commuting to all parts of the island is guaranteed!



Looking from the edge of the estuary to the ocean: The mangrove in the South are not anymore part of the property, but directly next to them "Vacation venture" starts. It stretches over the whole estuary till a bit South of the cape. Certainly one of the most exciting locations with a maximum of privacy. Welcome to book a site visit tour with MyBeach to Zanzibar!



Zanzibar West coast nearby Zanzibar Town

Plot size

4,5 acre

Property Type

Hotel property


250 meters

Beach front

300 meters


Coconut palms, indigenous shrubs and trees


Survey plan and lease in process - the owner will get the full documentation for the buyer!


8 cottages


Zanzibaris and expatriates

Special Features

Full sandy sea bottom, because of the neighbouring estuary while the houses are placed on a rocky cape

Distance to tarmac road

3 kilometers

Distance to next settlement

300 meters 

Distance to shopping facilities

2 kilometers


Discounted price is on request!


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317