Whoever knows Pippi Longstockings from Astrid Lindgren certainly recognizes the resemblance of the Swedish Villa Kulla and Villa Zenj. This picture shows very well the pyramid formation of the whole house. The ground floor offers a two bedroom unit and even the first floor has a full two bedroom flat with kitchen and sitting room. On top in the second floor is the biggest bedroom located, but this smaller unit has no kitchen facility anymore.


Definitively the space behind the house is bigger than in the front, but a wherever you you go around the house you find sufficient space to construct a swimming!


A Zanzibari-carved door is decorating the front entrance where you will also have enough space for recreation like in so many other niches and corners of this unique property.


Majestic is the view on the villa from the backside on to the building. The entrance on this side is as well decorated and secured by a Zanzibari door as it is displayed in the next photograph.


It is an antic door and fully functioning. All hinges and bolts provide a maximum of security.

Lots of space for storage and cooking offers he kitchen where an iron grill protects the outside door.


Next to the main kitchen follows a small tea kitchen and then comes the dining area with the living room behind as it is shown on this picture.


Cool, airy, spacious and comfortable is the living room in the ground floor with its octagon shape In the middle the Zanzibari outside door to the front veranda and left and right two fitted wardrobes made out of long-lasting hardwood as all other wooden parts of the house.


Having reached the first floor via the lockable staircase, a well ventilated and spacious corridor gives access the second living room, the second kitchen as well as to the bathroom of this floor.


From this second living room in the first floor all two bedrooms of this level are emerging while the 3 long French windowsare leading to the balcony.


On this level all bedrooms are equipped with fitted wardrobes and therefore they are offering sufficient space for all needs.


You can access the second floor bathroom via the corridor or via the above shown bedroom.

Just the size of the upper kitchen is smaller than the one of the ground floor, but it is fully equipped and offers all amenities.


Most comfortable in particular at the time of sunset is the front balcony at the first floor from where you can even spot the Indian Ocean.


Built and designed in the Arabic style, the house has a lot of comfortable attractions to please its visitor. We hope to see you soon!

Now we are just coming up the staircase entering the second floor: Left it goes to the big bedroom, straight to the small bathroom and right out on to the balcony over viewing the back garden.

Oval is the shape of this of the entrance and octagon is the shape of the room - unique!.


What has an octagon shape in the two below living rooms, has the same shape in the upper bedroom with its 8 windows! This room has a parquett floor and an excellent ventilation!

Why not to relax on the other side of the house overlooking the back garden? Depending on the daytime you will catch a steady breeze and sufficient shade.


Good for parking and turning the car is the back side of the house, but you as the prospective buyer or renter have certainly much better ideas and plans of what to do with this space. Please let us know about you.



6 kilometers North of Zanzibar Town

Plot size


Property Type

Residential property


A good variation of different tropical palms, trees and flowers


Ground floor: 2 verandas, 3 entrances,kitchen, tea-kitchen, dining and living room plus 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. 1st floor: living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and 1 bathroom plus a front balcony. 2nd floor: Balcony, bathroom and a big bedroom. The whole property is surrounded by a coral stone fence and the access goes via a huge Zanzibari gate.



Special Features

A well balanced tropical garden vegetation a front of one of the islands most artistically constructed coral stone wall. Further the property has its own sweet water well which water is of very high quality and should be not only used for gardening - the taste is brilliant! Inside the exceptional, solid and very good finishing of the house surprises every visitor - welcome!

Distance to tarmac road

1000 meters

Distance to the beach

1000 meters

Distance to shopping facilities

200 meters


price for sale or rent  is on request


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317