Certainly one of the most peaceful, secluded and spectacular plus of course wildest beach property on the Spice Island.  Needless to say that this is the ideal spot for a luxury hotel which appreciates privacy.

Marvellous is the coastline: 1 to 1,5 meters high coral rock cliffs are protecting of erosion while the island bush vegetation covers the fertile soil of the coastal slope.

A lush coastal bush vegetation grows all over the property. A gardener will certainly need his time to bring the 10 acre property to your standard, but it will enable you to have a magnificent view from each and every place of this plot because, it is not flat like a pancake. The interior border is 15 meters above the sea level and a steady slope runs down to the water - this means a breathtaking view!

The Northeast corner point offers a comfortable natural gap to step down to the sea. You can try the same along the whole 160 meters beach frontage, but the lush vegetation is not easy to penetrate.



Finally you reached the beach - are you ready for a swim? Do not forget to book our team on a site visit, so that you will discover all important features as well as the whole area of the property. This pictures shows the view from the Northwest corner of the property towards the West - can you imagine how the sunset looks like?


Viewed along the shore towards the West from the neighbouring property: The Zanzibar coastline of Chwaka, Uroa and Pongwe can be sighted easily.


Straight off the shore "Wild coast" faces the North. The first 50 meters of the ocean are shallow, but they are regularly flashed and cleaned by the high tide!

Prosperous prospects and a cool shadow under the overhanging vegetation of the coastline are waiting for the visitor.

About 60 kilometers from Zanzibar Town the beach property is approx. 45 minutes drive away from the airport and just only 1 kilometer off the tarmac road.


160 meters are going along the beach frontage while the Western border stretches 283 meters into the interior. On the East side the property goes 183 meters in the hinterland where the West-East border line is 147meters long. The property comes nearly to 10 acre in size!

Try it, before purchasing it! We will be happy to welcome you on to a site visit in the near future.


60 kilometers from Zanzibar town on the East coast, but facing the North


10 acre

Property Type

Hotel property

Length 282 meters
Beachfront 160 meters
Vegetation palms, shrubs and local trees
Documents Approved survey plan
Buildings -
Neighbours Investors
Kind of waterfront Full sandy beach with a rocky cape in the middle
Special Features Coastal slope for a maximum view and very peaceful away from mass tourism
Distance to tarmac road 30 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 600 meters 
Distance to shopping facilities 3 kilometers to local shops
Price Price on request



P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

FAX 002 55 22 2701317