Short term, long term or as long as you want to stay in this reasonable priced fully serviced accommodation in the vicinity of Dar es Salaam is up to you and a matter of vacancy. Make up your mind, because not many places offer a good ratio of luxury and comfort together with privacy for a convenient price.

In the garden the guests will find lots of comfortable places to rest and to relax. As displayed on the picture, three playful dogs are running free on the compound, but they are most trustful while they keep the security up - do not be afraid!

Refresh yourself in the pool or join a cocktail in the shade while you are waiting for the dinner to be served on the upper balcony.

100 meters as the crow flies and you are on the beach. By foot it takes you just two minutes and then you can stroll endlessly along the beach. 6 beach hotels can be reached in the nearby neighbourhood in a few minutes by walking along the beach.

Pool area, balcony, terrace and of course in the garden as well as in the house are the most convenient facilities to take the inclusive breakfast or lunch and dinner on demand.

Definitively a great spot to accommodate newcomers to Dar es Salaam. The European owner has been since decades in Africa and is ready to consult and assist everyone who is new.

The upper living room is not used by the owner as well as the above displayed balcony which can be accessed via this second sitting room.

Fan, air-condition as well as no glass in the windows are a guarantee for a maximum of air circulation and in fresh climate in the bedrooms.


Both guestssrooms have access to the bathroom which is located between and all rooms emerge to indoor corridor.

Laundry is inclusive in the room price. Therefore the guest does not have to take care of anything. Lunch and dinner is available for a little extra fee.

On the aerial pictures the short distance to the ocean becomes visible. In only two minutes by foot you can reach 2 hotels and in 5 additional minutes you will reach all 6 hotels along this road.

Located in one of the upper class suburbs of town, the driving time to the city centre can vary from 15 to 60 minutes. Therefore all city hoppers do good to avoid the rush hours!

Not much traffic is going on this beach road due to the dead end location. Please contact us directly for further details as well as for vacancy.

P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

FAX 002 55 22 2701317