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Drive-Inn beach

Drive-Inn beach - is absolutely perfectly located: About 400km South of Dar es Salaam, just 20 minutes drive North of Lindi and directly along the tarmac road, behind the electricity polls: 130 meter sandy beach with 2 acre, just perfect to bring up any kind of hospitality business in this upcoming area. Inclusive a 7 minutes self-explaining property video ride. Perfect of businss along the road!

Beach boma -  beach mansion in Dar es Salaam for 1st rental - anno 1748. You prefer beach, garden, nature and an unique home with lots of solid woodworks? You found it and we got it! 12km North of  city centre, 3 master bedrooms and a half an acre plot with a mature palmy vegetation, double garage 2 servant quarters and laundry plus a spacious swimming pool with big storage facilities underneath. Check out our new indoor video site visit.

beach cottage Lodge dar es salaam - living and working in Dar es Salaam plus all in holiday resembling surroundings. This small operating resort has 6 chalets and two houses with 3 and 2 bedrooms - all for a price of single one family house in town. Further the low running costs are very attractive!Welcome to experience this haven of peace and transqulity in one of the continents most expensive and pretty stressful cities. Check out this video showing a short stroll along the chalets! Now discounted by 50%!

privatebeachplot Private beach plot -  huge (1.4 acre) residential beach plot, 20km North of Dar es Salaam city center. Very private neighbourhood, no public beach passing, tremendous Baobab trees and a number of buildings are in need of renovation. All goes for most attractive low price - come & out all! If you need vitamin sea - come and have a look! Discounted!

Longhouse lagoon

Longhouse lagoon - best boating luxury beach villa North of Dar es Salaam. To upper European standard finished mansion on 2,5 acre lagoon property with coastal hill falling down to the deep waters. View and safe anchorage under lots of coconut palms for business as well as residence.

Home plot satellite thumbnail Home plot - almost half an acre in a decent and safe residential area of Dar es Salaam. The fully wall fenced property is surrounded by mature vegetation,  and is in the 4th row of beach. Servant quarter and 2 self-contained bedroom house are placed along the wall while the plot still offers huge potential in the middle for a new construction. Welcome to check it out today!
colonial garden villa Colonial garden - lush garden with huge mature trees and a 3-bedroom villa in the heart of the Masaki Peninsular of Dar es Salaam near to the International School of Tanganyika. This place of history just entered the rental market after 13 year of expat occupancy.

new life architecture design

New life - for new people to start in the old world close to the World Cutural Heritage Site of Kilwa, Tanzania's deep fishing center 300km South of Dar es Salaam. 13 acre with more than 250 meter beach frontage and nearly 300 coconut palms  (video 1)on the plantation. This TIC certified hotel project has constructed already a range accommodations  (video 2) and other buildings, offers lots of additional space for construction  on the compound (video 3).. Here you get the most money can buy! Look (video 4) at the undisturbed and idyllic surroundings and dirve on the sandy access roads as well as zickzack on the propery. Price under value!

Sea cliffs - situated along the rocky coast of Kigamboni in between the sandy beaches and only 25 kilometers South from the ferry of Dar es Salaam. Very remote and peaceful while being close to town. The cliffs of 10 meters heights have natural stairs to step down at low tide to the sea bottom and to discover the maritime life. Lots of topographical character features on this coastline. The ocean is non-stop roaring and in this adventurous and exciting area as the new video shows!

Coast land- huge chunk of ocean land with title deeds measuring 18 acre with a sea frontage of almost 400 meter (video)! Located 45 kilometer South of the Dar es Salaam ferry. Ideal property opportunity for a big housing project with a gorgeous sea view due to altitude of more than 30 meters above the sea level. The property in whole could be only captured on aerial and satellite images due to its big size. Therefore the video links are revealing its real size potential!

lodge lease Lodge lease  - an alternative way to rent, live and to make money in Dar es Salaam. Rent this lodge for a nominal charge  enjoy the freedom of almost 200 meter beach on nearly 9 aces and accommodate guests in the towns most fancy accommodations. All located only 25 kilometers from the ferry or bridge in Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam. Very low rent due to lack of maintenance!

Bay watch - is a well shaped 10 acre beach property about 40 minutes drive in the South of Dar es Salaam. Tarmac road nearby, electricity next door and the regions biggest aquifier underneath. Great location for bringing up a maritime tourism project.

Nyasa game - waterfalls, gorges, crater lakes, caves, hot springs and many other attractions are making this evergreen area of the country most interesting. More than 500 meters of sandy beach along the bilharzias-free Nyasa Lake in the Southwest of Tanzania with 10 acres are ideal to bring up an exclusive lodge with many different activities for the guests.

Lodge lagoon - only 30 kilometers South of Tanga, located on dream spot with best boating facility. The 4 acre cape property has a huge semi-finished villa which was supposed to be the main house of the lodge. One of the most attractive spots in TZ  to enter business or to have a dream house at a lagoon.

Port fort – a well managed beach hotel with 12 rooms along a lagoon between Bagamoyo and Dar es Salaam on 11.000 square meter beach plot with non-stop boat access and safe anchorage. Ideally spot to offer all kind of water sport activities. Now fully discounted! The Scandinavian owner has to return to Europe!

bush beach shelter  Bush beach lodge - something for people who love space, loneliness in the connection with beach and game safaris with luxury.  Only 150 km North of Dar es Salaam, at Africa's only National Park along the beach, Saadani, a well established hotel complex with 32 rooms on 14 acre with 380 meters of sandy beach is waiting for an new hotelier to welcome his guests with luxury in the wilderness. This Enduro video offers a good overview of beach, the compound and the size of the property on the ground. Who can not afford a purchase, could even try the rental option. Fully discounted now!

Lushoto ridge -  Not only a stunning view is waiting for you on the ridge of this mountain range: This location is also famous due to its comfortable climate, fertility and very good infrastructure. About 120 meters along the ridge with an almost 360° round view on about 2 acre. Only a couple of kilometers or an one hour walk westwards from Lushoto.

Private cove -  a lush tropical park vegetation is waiting for the guest of the most private hotel beach property for sale in Zanzibar. The construction of the lodge has been done by a team of European skilled workers. The owner is even looking for a partner and he is also ready to use his construction team for joint venture on another potential beach property he is offering on the island. The 15 acre beach property has lots of space for extension. The nice price as well as all the amenities are making the hotel also well suitable as a private beach residence.

Zanzibar beach houses

Zanzibar beach houses - with almost 2 acre along one of the best beaches of the Spice Island, this 2 beach houses are an opportunity to live for free in a beach villa. You occupy one while you rent  out the other one. In between lots of coconut palms, you find a solid and well maintained home in European finishing with a lot of privacy.

Safari hill -  83 acre potential lodge/hotel property on the edge to the Tarangire National Park in the Northern Circuit of Tanzania. All chalets could  be ideally placed along the slope of the hill catching the best view on the passing herds of animals. A safe and fabulous location for tourism directly in the wilderness. Get an idea of the surrounding 360 degree view via video.

"Zanzibar hotel" Zanzibar hotel – is located in an unique bay location just 30 km from Zanzibar Town. Surrounded by the mature vegetation of one of the oldest settlements of the Spice Island; this 10 room cosy beach hotel has a lot of ambience and tranquillity to offer. Here another approach to the property - video!

Villa zenj - an exceptional 5-bedroom villa surrounded by a relaxing 2000mē garden located just 6 kilometer North of Zanzibar Town. This semi-funished mansion can be easily subdivided into 3 units. Therefore this unique opportunity is not solely for sale - it can be also rented together with the existing servants. Check the very attractive price with us!

Rocky garden - revisited! Hard Rock with mature vegetation and wide a sea view. This 5 acre property is not only for mountain climbers, gardeners and people who enjoy view. As part of Tanzania's coast it is less than an hour drive South of Dar, exactly there where you can discover the exotic maritime life in between the rocks and corals of his untouched and remote beach property. Cool price! Now linked to satellite map / picture!

Zanzibar islands – more than 3 acre with a 160 meter sea frontage along the tarmac road with full infrastructure access. Finally one of the rare places in Tanzania having sunset! Ideal location for the construction of holiday homes.

Palm grove - so big, low priced, natural and close to one of the most expensive metropols of Africa, Dar es Salaam, 'Palm grove' is certainly the very best choice for all people who love to live in a spacious and green enviroment nearby town enjoying the full infrastructure access in the friendly African rural hilly landscape. 5 acre for gardening, farming or just for you own full enjoyment.

Club wellness - a very profitable running and well maintained hotel enterprise with 37 rooms on the famous East coast of Zanzibar for sale. The hotel is rented to a tour operator and this means a steady income and 100% occupancy for the owner.  So far the best revenue for an investment we can offer.

Kilwa gas - tremendous opportunity to make profit within in the great gas boom in the Southern parts of Tanzania. This area between two huge gas fields is designated by the government for the recreation of thousands of gas workers. 15 acre with 276 meter of full sandy beach for a still very low price. Come on and check it out! Stunning access road-video inclusive beach!

Saadani camp - the only opportunity in Africa where the game comes directly on to the beach. The owner wants to rent this huge chunk of beach land with its camp, but he is also ready to enter a joint venture. A few items have to be added to complete the lodge. A long beach stretch with the Sadaani National Park in the back constitutes a top attraction for all visitors coming to Tanzania.

Divers lodge - is placed along the famous lagoon of Pemba with over 250 meters of sandy beach. The hotel is brand new and fully equipped, the market is booming and this attractive location is waiting for your leadership. A unique opportunity to step into a new running enterprise of the booming market of the Zanzibar archipepelago.

Penthouse rental - is a brand new 3-bedroom apartment in a quiet area surrounded by a lush vegetation, just 9 kilometers from the city center of Dar es Salaam. Furnished or unfurnished the landlord is ready to make everything convenient for you.

Promised land -  for people who like space, view and rural life nearby the city. A 2 acre plot on a slope on 20 kilometers from the city center which offers idyllic natural surroundings while joining a marvelous panorama view on Dar es Salaam, the shore plus the preceding islands. Only a very few Dollars per square meter!

Bush farm - fullfil your dream of land, your project or just be the owner of 300 acre of farm land. Only about 60 kilometers from Dar es Salaam, 12 kilometers off the tarmac road and directly on the railway. The crops of this farm can be brought easily to every market!

Kilimanjaro-Meru slope - one acre farm property with an incredible view towards Africa's highest summit and Tanzania's second peak Mount Meru. With an altitude of 1800 meters above the sea level it is the best climate for a retreat, recreation or relaxation. Located between Moshi and Arusha close to the international airport.

Bay hotel – a well managed beach resort with 30 rooms on a 57500 square meter plot with a sandy beach frontage of 325 meter on Zanzibar's East Coast. The ideal opportunity for tour operators to run their own business.

Guesthouse koko - working with much leisure, sufficient comfort and a convenient profit is what you can do in this small guesthouse on the coral island of Zanzibar. Have something to do while living in paradise - it is without any stress at all. Located close to Zanzibar Town and very close to the beach you get all amenities of town life while living under palms.

Royal residence - so far the most luxury and comfortable mansion MyBeach has to offer. Placed at the most magnificent spot of Zanzibar's East coast. 5 bedrooms of which 4 are self-contained and all of them have whether a veranda or a balcony. Certainly the best place for resting and not missing any amenity.

Just getaway – tired of Dar, congestion and exorbitant prices? 40 kilometers South of Dar on a 1,5 acre lagoon property, in between a decent expatriate community you will find a rustic country style rental opportunity where other are making holidays. The property has 3 buildings, furniture, staff, gen-set and a sweet water bore hole plus a magnificent view on the lagoon. Only 1 hour commuting to Dar city centre!

Sea lease is the proof that living on the beach must not be always expensive in Dar es Salaam. For moving into this 3-bedroom house the major refurbishment has to be finished. If you do the work, the cost will be deducted from you rent otherwise the paid rent will be used to make the house convenient. Owner is nowadays even open towards an outright sale of this beach property!

Kunduchi villas - long as well as short-term rental  for 2, 3 or 6 fully furnished brand new bedroom houses including 1 car. Therefore the ideal place for people who come new to town. Also very suitable for families with children because the tenants get free access to East Africa's biggest water park. Furnished living is affordable again in Dar es Salaam, Kunduchi.

Lake club – 25 acre bar-restaurant resort with more than 400 meters along one of the Rift Valleys coziest lakes in the heart of the famous Tanzanian 'safari area'. Very affordable full operating business at an important traffic junction 160 kilometers Southwest of Arusha for rent or sale.

Secret chamber -  for people who love to live an easy life on the beach. This small property needs refurbishment in order to have a convenient living in it, but therefore it is very low priced. Located directly on the high water mark level of Zanzibars East Coast.

Fine home - the best home for a young family for a affordable rent in one of Dar es Salaams emerging areas. 3 bedrooms in a well finished house on a huge compound. Hundreds of equivivalent houses are waiting for you in our offline pool - give us your individual requirements.

Short term rental - new in Dar or you want to spend your holidays here? Karibu to Dar e Salaam and live as a resident at once, not as a visitor or  tourist.This 3-bedroom, fully serviced and furnished short term beach rental opportunity in Dar es Salaam is ideal for singles and couples who are coming new to town, looking for a relaxed and well styled and furnished accommodation in the suburbs of town.

Little paradise – You just need a piece of it at a certain time. Become a member of this very exclusive club in the paradise of Zanzibar with the right for international usage of the premises worldwide. A fantastic all inclusive getaway for people who know how to appreciate a maintenance-free property in a luxurious lifestyle. An individual designed package due to requirements offers a very attractive price and a flexible usage.

Cave valley - certainly the cheapest property in our online pool and holding the most interesting features. Unexplored caves, cliffs, river and an attractive flora and fauna are giving this property nearby Tanga a big advantage for a flourishing tourism project or just a recreation holiday home. And for sure it is a paradise for speleologists. Don't forget your torch!

Usambara wonder -  although it is not a beach property the view and the breeze are incredible. Located on the ridge of the Usambara mountains over viewing the Masai Steppe on an altitude of more than 1400 meters above the sea level this 1 acre plot is the ideal spot to relax or to retire in the countries most convenient climate. This mountain ridge offers even a convenient infrastructure which facilitate you all urban amenities. Are you free from giddiness? Test the elevation video.

beach boma And have you visited the site of Dar's solely beach fort rental?


The above shown properties are only a choice from our pool. If you have not found what you were looking for, do not hesitate to contact us and to tell us what you need, in order to provide you with suitable proposals from our much wider offline pool.

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