Climate and view is what make this property extraordinary. With an altitude of almost 1800 meters you have an incredible view to both sides: Kilimanjaro and opposite Mount Meru. Let it be a small cozy lodge, a retreat center or a holiday home for you and your family to relax comfortably on the foot of Africa's highest mountain directly on the edge of the Kilimanjaro National Park. It is all about the view!

Although the tarmac road is about 10 kilometers away a well maintained road goes up the mountain and ends there where the property starts.

Westwards via the green hilly slopes of Africa's first peak Mount Meru, Tanzania second highest summit can be seen well.

Roads end at the Kilianjaro-Meru-SlopE. This is where the property ends and the protected park area starts.

Behind this huge Eucalyptus trees is the wild protected of the mountain and in front the open slope which is the ideal spot for your construction. Face Mount Meru when you have Kilimanjaro in the back and vice versa.


Here is what the view is like when entering the protected area. The summit of Kilimanjaro is already surrounded by clouds. This route to the peak is not as easy as the Marangu route, but by far not as steep as the Machame route.

The satellite view shows the dimensions. Machame Route is the closest from the property to the peak, but there are as well plenty of unofficial routes to the peak, which are for people who like challenge and discovery.

Only a couple of kilometers up the slope above the very old Chagga village Lukani, directly on the edge to the park on top of a ridge which guarantees you the best view where this property is located.

Photographed from a path in the protected area, showing the backside of the property at the row of huge Eucalyptus trees and in the background the Mount Meru id visible.


On the western slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro

Farm size

1 acre

Property Type

not surveyed

Vegetation Eucalyptus, banana and other indigenous trees
Documents/Permits local contract
Buildings -
Neighbour Few Locals
Special Features On the edge of a protected forest area
Distance to tarmac road 10 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 100 meters
Distance to shopping facilities 2 kilometers
Price Price on request



P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

FAX 002 55 22 2701317