After a few kilometers passing Mombo which is the entry for getting into the Usambara Mountains, located almost in the middle of the Arusha-Dar es Salaam main road, you have an excellent view from the car towards the solid massive of the Usambara mountains. Everybody can imagine that the view from the ridge of this mountain chain is extraordinary. The property stetches along the ridge between the two red bars on the right side of the photograph.

Here northwards as well as south-, east- and of course westwards the view remains incredible.


On top of this slope is the best place for construction, because from this exposed location you have the best surrounding view. Full exposure!

Early morning when the sun has not yet penetrated the clouds you have to watch your step. The climate is just fresh, no cold and no sweat will hassle it is relaxation pure.

Watch out! This is what the view is like at the end of the flat rounded mountain top. View and breeze are making this property extraordinary attractive.


50 meters southwards from the borderline this photograph was pictured. It shows how the ridge winds like a snake on the mountain range.


In the back the view ressembles an alm in Switzerland. In paticular this part of the Usambara mountain is very populated due to the good infrastructure, but on the ridge itself are no people living at all. Come and be the first!

Right side on a length of 145 meters the entrance road to the property. Westwards on the left hand side the steep slope which view you can join best from the ridge; the line marked in red. 111 meters is the birdline from the South till the most North point of the ridge long. The measurements exept the North-South birdline are not measured by GPS, because the salellite measures not the steep contour of the slope.

300 kilometers from Dar es Salaam, about one and a half hour drive from Tanga to Lushoto and from there only 10 minutes drive or one hour walk to the ridge.


Lots of precious coconut palms and other tropical species are decorating the coast line as well as the hinterland to a maximum. By the way this place is erosion safe and of course as all other coastal places in Tanzania free of catastrophes.


Usambara mountains, 6 kilometers from Lushoto

Length 111 meters
Width 94 meters
Altitude 1500 meters
Plot size

2 acres

Property Type


Vegetation Palms, indigenous and imported trees and shrubs
Documents/Permits Unsurveyed
Buildings Cottage under construction
Neighbour Investor and locals
Special Features A breath-taking 360 view and infrastructure nearby
Distance to tarmac road 5 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 400 meters
Distance to shopping facilities 1 kilometer
Price Price on request



P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

FAX 002 55 22 2701317