Not many properties of the Spice Island have an attractive vegetation and only a very few locations combine mature trees with a fabulous view. Most of the locations in Zanzibar are flat like a pancake, but in this exeptional property sea view is guaranteed from each and every square inch of the plot due to the slight slope and the abrupt falling slope to the ocean. What do you want more than sitting under an old huge mango tree while watching the sunset above the ocean?

It is not always the famous East Coast in Zanzibar which has much to offer. In the evening the one advantage of this location becomes always visible.


On this aerial photograph the two sandy beaches of the property can be recognized well. In the middle of it is the place with the most view and the highest privacy. The picture also demonstrates how close the road and as well all infrastructure amenities like water, tarmac road and electricity line are coming to the property.



Although only the beginning of this inviting beach stretch is part of the property, it is in particular the relaxing view which brings most of the comfort while enjoying this chunk of beach land.


This picture is taken from the Southern border and it displays how steep the slope falls to the sea.

Viewed from the South at high tide. The property starts with the white small building on the right hand side and from there on it runs 160 meters along the shore till the other sandy beach at the Northern border; just  located around the cape.



Most of the huge trees are in the interior of the property and therefore the view on the ocean and the preceeding islands is kept well. Only in the beginning of the slope are a few trees and palms inviting the visitor to rest in the shadow.


Just 46 kilometers from Zanzibar town or only 40 minutes by car and you reach "Zanzibar islands" along the tarmac road leading to Cape Nungwe. Beside the road runs the water pipe as well as the electricity line so that the developper saves high connection costs.


Cape location: With 73 meters on the North seafront part and 87 meters on the Southern part the plot has an almost symetric shape.  With 12300mē the property is more than 3 acres in size.

Blue sky, turquoise waters and lush green vegetation mixed with a very comfortable infrastructure access are making this place unique. Welcome, because seeing is believing!



At the North cape of Zanzibar about 46 kilometers from Zanzibar town

Plot size

3 acres

Property Type

Beach property


98 meters in the North and 53 meters in the South 53 meters


160 meters


Palm trees, mature Mango trees and lots of indigenous shrubs


Survey site plan and lease in process


Simple coral stone house unfinished


No direct neighbors yet except a very few residential houses in the back towards the road and an investor in the South

Kind of waterfront

Southwards a sandy beach stretch and to the North side another sandy part with a steep slope in betwen

Special Features

Very attractive view on the preceeding islands

Distance to next settlement

70 meters 

Distance to shopping facilities

1 kilometers to local shops


Price on request!


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317