Not many properties of the Spice Island have an attractive vegetation and only a very few locations combine mature trees with a fabulous view. The slight slope falling down to the water and the lack of a dense vegetation  are guaranteeing a tremendous outlook. Welcome and see yourself!

Here we are on the West Coast which is not solely famous for it's lush ever-green vegetation, also the setting sun over the ocean is spectacular.


On this aerial photograph the two sandy beaches of the property can be recognized at the Northern and Southern end. Coming from Zanzibar Town going to Nungwe this spot is the only location where the tarmac road meets directly the ocean. Waterpipe and electricity are running direclty between the  property and the  tarmac road.



The  outstanding cape location offers and ideal view southwards on the sandy beach. Wherever you stand on this property, all square feet are highly suitable to bring up an accommodation due to their fantastic sea view.


Security and privacy towards the ocean are guaranteed with the very steep slope on the last few meters where the land falls into the ocean. Keep in mind that the entire interior as well as road side of the property is completely brick wall fenced!

Viewed from the seaside of the South end of the property at spring tide: 160 meters of coastline with two sandy beaches.


Welcome for tropical gardening! The soil has very high fertility, hence  all plants, palms and trees are growing fast.



Just 46 kilometers to Zanzibar Stonetown where finally the tarmac road to Nungwe meets the ocean!


Cape location: With 73 meters on the North part and 87 meters on the Southern part an almost symmetric spot for this exposed spot. With 12300mē the property is more than 3 acres in size.

Don't jump! This slope is steep and therefore you have 180° of fantastic surrounding sea view and of course the most privacy. For sure an ideal place for subdivision and the construction of holiday homes or an hotel. Why not to go for a wooden pier!





At the North cape of Zanzibar about 46 kilometers from Zanzibar town

Plot size

3 acres

Property Type

Beach property


98 meters in the North and 53 meters in the South 53 meters


160 meters


Palm trees, mature Mango trees and lots of indigenous shrubs


Survey site plan, lease in process


Servant quarter and fully u-shape brick wall of 285 meter length


No direct neighbors yet except one residential house in the back towards the road and an investor in the South

Kind of waterfront

Southwards a sandy beach stretch, on the North side another sandy part with small rocks in between and between this two beaches stretches the steep slope  with a dense vegetation

Special Features

Very attractive view on the preceding islands from each and every spot of the property

Distance to tarmac road

10 meters!

Distance to next settlement

70 meters 

Distance to shopping facilities

1 kilometers to local shops


Price on request!