It is like entering garden Eden when you turn off the congested, dusty and polluted roads of Dar es Salaam and come to Regent Estate on which edge this property constitutes one of the oldest properties of this part of town.

Not like in most other parts of town, you are her not overseen by neighbours of their multistorey buildings, here everyone will finds a maximum of privacy as well as space in the garden in particular around the swimming pool area.

Especially the living room is well decorated with hard wood timber along the ceiling.

Hard wood was also used for all windows and doors. The front windows have no iron bars due to the very good security situation, but the can be closed by shutters.

Just separated by an arc, the dining room is situated between kitchen and living room.

Sufficient space for cooking, washing, easting and of course for storage offers the big kitchen. Even here the desktops are made out of durable hard wood.

With its corner location into the front garden, the master bedroom of this colonial villa has an amazing scenery view into the garden.

Decent colours, high quality material with a very good finishing is what is characterizing this house and it can be even recognized in the bathrooms.

At the backside of the house the terrace is roofed and can be used for various activities.


Certainly the pool area in the back of the house is the main attraction with the highest degree of privacy. This is also where the guestshouse is placed.

Much too nice for the guests is this small house. "Too nice"  because your guests might not want to leave anymore.


Bright light in this airy living room together with a decent finishing of the whole construction will make the stay of your guests unforgotten.

Tea or coffee? The guests can help themselves!

Good place to relax - free of any nuisance or disturbance!

Full self-contained with all needs and amenities otherwise call the landlord.

On the other side of this house is next to the servant room the generator house.

60 mē for the guests and on the other side 15 mē utility space.

135 mē for the whole main house of which only the living room takes 45 and the kitchen 21mē!

Regent Estate was already under the British a popular area to stay. In particular today it is very much ask due to being close to town, security, mature vegetation and all shopping needs nearby.

Looking out from your sitting room in this mature tropical garden, everybody might think at once to be in a park, but this is a unique residential villa only 6 km off Dar es Salaam's city centre.


Regent Estate about 6 kilometer off the city center of Dar es Salaam

Plot size


Property Type

residential property

Vegetation a huge variation of different local trees, bush and flowers
Documents/Permits Title deed
Buildings main house with three bedroom, double car port, servant quarter guesthouse with 1 bedroom, bathroom and kitchen facility - the whole compound is brick wall fenced
Neighbour Expatriates
Special Features sweet water well, an exciting, mature garden with lots of different species are bringing together with the colonial architecture a very decent ambience
Distance to tarmac road 100 meters
Distance to next settlement 40 meters
Distance to shopping facilities 0,2 kilometers
Price Price on request



P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

FAX 002 55 22 2701317