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Once I had a farm in Africa... An opportunity to let a profitable dream come true. Here we have just crossed the estuary of the Ruvu river flying Southeastwards which means Bagamoyo town is located further left on this picture, but here not anymore visible. After a few meander the farm stretches over an area of 40 kmē on the right hand side. By the way, 'Farm in africa' consist out of two farm properties which have not operated since two years which means the soil has recovered and is not fully exploited as on many other farms.



By car it is a short drive of 16 km towards the farm along the well maintained Msata road.



It is planned to turn this road into a tarmac road in order to access the important Dar es Salaam Arusha road directly.



Read from the left to the right: "The main road from Bagamoyo to Msata" as mentioned above, the "Vianzi river" (below), the "plantation camp Vianzi", the "main house camp Kitomondo", the "Ruvu river" and the smaller "Kitomondo river". Although the aerial pictures shows just the half of the Northern part of the farm. Half of the farm is cleared while the other half consists of natural forest and plains



What is called "main house camp Kitomondo" above is what appears on this picture as a blue point. Left of it the Ruvu stream in which the Kitomondo river is emerging to.  The aerial view demonstrates very well how easily the fields can be irrigated.




Differentially looks the landscape in many parts of the farm which is not used for the time being for agriculture. The variety of indigenous plants, trees and palms is immense.




Regarding the huge size of 10.000 acres it is highly recommended to do the site visit by car and even for this the serious interested client needs a whole day.





3 permanent rivers of which 2 are crossing the property directly are guaranteeing an uncomplicated and steady irrigation allover the farm. One river has its spring on the property. As displayed on this photograph the Msuhimbiji arises, floats a few hundred meters back to the South where it ends and continues its way Northwards and it emerges in the big Ruvu stream.



The vast plains are seamed with plenty of Borassus aethiopum (Swahili Mvumo) and in between lies the rich soil waiting for your exploitation.



Hyphaene compressa (Swahili Mkoche) are forming in the Southern parts on a few hills real forest - all virgin land with high fertility!



Easily the gallery forest along the rivers can be recognized from far away. We are approaching here the Msuhimbiji river which has been displayed already before.



Although all this pictures were already taken during the dry season, the gallery forest together with its surrounding land is the best evergreen example for a potential agriculture land.



Fresher can be no water. It comes directly out of the spring and goes from there into the Ruvu and all takes part on the property.



Black-cotton soil appears in most parts of the farm while the Northern parts are mixed with sand.



Surrounded by local worker houses lies the 3-bedroom farmhouse in the middle Eastern parts of the property close to the Ruvu river. Called "Camp Kitomondo" it can be recognized on the aerial pictures above. This means an investor can start with his project straight away and move into the farm house.


Very well the topographical map shows the Eastern borderline along the Ruvu river and the road access of the Northwestern part of the farm. The longest West to East extent is 8,5 km and from North to South 12 km.






Certainly the farm is very well integrated into the hinterland of Dar es Salaam as the commercial capital of the country with its deep sea water port. From the farm it is only a few kilometers till the railway crosses the road. The planned deep sea water port near Bagamoyo will be an advantage for the exports of the crops. Since the tarmac road to Bagamoyo was finished; the property prices are continuously going up. We hope we can go soon with you onto an individual site visit under guidance of the owner in order to make you understand the potentials of this huge chunk of land physically.



16 km Westwards from Bagamoyo Town, 70 km to Dar es Salaam

Farm size

10.000 acre = 4.000 hectares = 40 kmē

Property Type


Vegetation  Sorry, the property is too huge and diverse as the MyBeach team could have seen and recognized all
Documents/Permits  1 title deed and 1 letter of offer for farm properties
Buildings 1 main house with 3 bedrooms surrounded by local worker houses  and more westwards a plantation camp with a couple of lodges
Neighbours International investors
Special Features High fertility, 3 permanent rivers and a sweet water wellspring
Distance to tarmac road 14 kilometers - tarmac road is planned for the near future!
Distance to next settlement 10 meters
Distance to shopping facilities 2 kilometers
Price Price on request



P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

FAX 002 55 22 2701317