Only  9kilometers south of the city center at the best swimming facilities, where only a few hotels have been constructed and where the wealthy people from Dar es Salaam have their beach houses, MyBeach offers a potential beach property with an existing hotel resort constructed in the rustic African architecture.


About 200 meters of white and sandy beach! Four beach huts are inviting the lazy guest to have a rest in the cool shadow.



In colonial times this particular property on photo with no roof was the beach residence of the last Britisch governor, Sir Richard Turnbull, as another indicator of beauty and potential of this prime location. Today only walls and partitions outside and inside are as it was in early 60`s and the whole house can be rebuild easily because walls are still strong and in good condition.


The mansion has a wonderful view towards the seaside. The open veranda can be used for all events. This is the right place for top classy hotel or an exclusive residential for diplomats. This location might be even best to establish a top night club or disco with a unique flair .




This is not even at the end of over 300 meters long plot. The access road runs along the coast in front of the coconut palms. Behind from where the photographer stands,  the plot continues 50 meters towards a creek which is the interior border.



Front view from the sea front towards the hotel. The long beach front has a lot to offer,  for any kind of interest or activity. All water sports can be done and the sand enables all beach sport activities like the volley ball netball which is shown on the right hand side.


Kitchen, bar and restaurant are all located in the main building. Another building in on the backside is made out of bricks offers a couple of bathrooms and toilets for guests who are camping on huge open space behind the main building. 



Designed in the Zanzibarian style - each of the 8 huts has a two beds. The accommodations are due to well adapted architecture best conditioned.



Simple and clean, built in the rustic way the huts have a double bed or two single beds. Small windows and a tall roof guarantees a maximum of coolness inside.



On this topographical map the high value for water sports can be seen. Between Dar es Salaam and Ras Kutani is only this place which has no reef in the water. For swimming you are not depending on the tides - full time you can have lots of fun in the tall waves. From the ferry only 10 minutes drive and from the resort only 1 kilometer to the tarmac road.



A really dream beach which fully satisfy all dreams, wishes and demands for unspoiled and natural beach adventure. Contact MyBeach to make an appointment for having a site visit right now.



10 kilometers south of Dar es Salaam 

Plot size

14 acres

Property Type

Hotel, beach resort, residential beaches, night club, disco property

Length 300 meters
Beachfront 200 meters
Vegetation Plenty of different kind of palms, trees and flowers and fruit trees
Documents/Permits Title deed and business license
Buildings 4 beach chalets, 8 huts, 1 big huts with bathrooms and toilets, main house with kitchen, bar and restaurant, 1 brick house with bathrooms and toilets and a roofless construction built by the last British governor Edward Turnbull
Neighbours To the south vacation property of an corporate enterprise and to the north a rich European who lives out of the country and comes only few times a year.
Kind of waterfront Full white sandy beach with no stones, corals or reef - like a paradise!
Special Features All infrastructure amenities are available  
Distance to tarmac road 1 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 200 meters 
Distance to shopping facilities 1 kilometers to local shops
Price The price for the whole package is on request!



P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

TEL /FAX 002 55 22 2701317