So far the biggest property MyBeach can offer with all papers and ready to start project on the Tanzanian mainland coast. 90 acres in 3 plots on a length of 880 meters at the edge of a slope where good eyes can even see the lighthouse of Zanzibar at night. Ideal for hotel construction or plenty of luxury apartments in prime location. Here in the center between Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and the Sadani National Park every hotel entrepreneur can offer his tourist more than everywhere else on the mainland coast: Culture, animals, water sports and most attractive geographical features.


From the edge of the slope you have the most attractive view over the bay of Bagamoyo and on the other side which is not visible here the eye catches the mangroves of Kaole until the peninsular of the Kasiki lagoon. On this point of view the Old Bagamoyo Road connects the two old historical settlements: Bagamoyo and the more than 800 years old Kaole with its ancients ruins.



In the back of the property lies the huge grassland with plenty of coconut palms, the property is surrounded by hundreds of concrete fencing poll with barbed wire. This free space is enough opportunity to fulfill every creative idea like 9-hole golf course, football. tennis playground, apartment or hotel center and much more.



Beach as well as the sea bottom are fully sandy which is a must for having lots of fun in the water. The picture shows the view in northwest direction towards Bagamoyo town. Very good place for a hotel and alike investments as most of visitors would like to have long beach walks.



Only one kilometers from the city center of Bagamoyo along the road to Kaole "Ocean land" starts a few hundreds meters from the police station and stretches for 880 meters until the school property. It takes only 1 kilometer to reach the new tarmac road which brings you in less than 1 hour drive to Dar es Salaam.




This panorama view shows the wide dimension of the 3 plots from southeast towards the Northwest. The 148 meters beach access is located in the last third of the 880 meter length in the Northwest. Directly from the slope comes the road and on the other side of the sandy track is the 880 meters long property of which each and every meter has a wonderful sea view. Behind this stretch follows free land which suits any kind of construction. In the left corner of the photograph the border of the concrete polls can be seen.



Only 1 kilometer south of the city center of Bagamoyo - about 60 kilometers north of Dar es Salaam.

Plot size

90 acres

Property Type

hotel beach property pastoral and farming title deeds (3)

Length 340 meters
Beachfront 148 meters (880 meters at the coastal slope)
Vegetation plenty of coconut palms, local trees and bushes 
Documents/Permits 3 title deeds registered for hotel purposes and farming.
Buildings 3 buildings - have to be repaired - 90 acres surrounded by concrete polls
Neighbours school disco construction about to finish and weekend houses
Kind of waterfront sandy beach sea bottom with a steep coastal slope
Special Features fantastic view, full infrastructure access and plenty of tourist attractions and already tourist market existing.
Distance to tarmac road 1 kilometer
Distance to next settlement 20 meters 
Distance to shopping facilities 0,5 kilometers to local shops
Price The price is on request!




P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

TEL +2 55 22 270 17 10  /  +255 22 2701711

FAX 002 55 22 2701317