Directly on the long and sandy beach north of Ras Kutani and only half an hour drive by car, Tanzania's beach estate MyBeach offers an affordable and very interesting property. 14 acres with a beachfront of 140 meters of full white sand.  



The slope to the water is at this property much sharper than elsewhere, but therefore very good for your construction, because of the gorgeous sea view. In the slope are huge pieces of the rocks hidden which are giving the place a bit of mountain character..



North and south two paths are leading to the beach. On the northern border are plenty of banana plants which are indicating the high soil fertility.


More than 200 meters long is the upper part of the plot which is plain. A local family is taking care of the plot and because the land is very fertile they are doing a lot of agriculture on it. This conditions are best for having a weekend house, because people are taking care of it. 



There are 2 ways leading to the property. One comes from the north via Mbutu and Gomvu along the coastline. The other comes via the "Horse Club" from the south and is a little bit longer, but in a better condition. It can be seen that about 200 meters from the property are up, 50 meters are at the slope and about 150 are lying down at the sea. 


Point of view is the edge of the slope. This might be the best point for your own construction, in front the slope and the ocean and behind fertile land with  culture trees and many food crops. 



Only 29 kilometers south from the Kigamboni ferry point of Dar es Salaam, close to the village Gomvu only 15 minutes walk north from Ras/cape Kutani.

Plot size

14 acres

Property Type

Residential/vacation property also very potential for tourism purpose 

Length 400 meters
Beachfront 140 meters
Vegetation 6 coconut palms, mango, cashew, neem trees and lots of banana and maize plants
Documents/Permits Holding local contract, land is surveyed but letter of offer not yet processed
Buildings There are a few local houses of people who are taking care of the plot. Sweet water well.
Neighbours In the north a wealthy Tanzanian who lives in town is holding the property and in the south an Italian investor is the owner. Westwards are local settlements and fields. 
Kind of waterfront Fully sandy beach, no stones, corals or sea grass. The rocky skeleton breaks through in the deeper water, therefore no inconveniences during swimming or walking in the sea.
Special Features High soil fertality 
Distance to tarmac road 19 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 200 meters 
Distance to shopping facilities 1 kilometers to local shops
Price Price on request!



P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

TEL /FAX 002 55 22 2701317